Where To Shop With Tbc In Nigeria?

Where is TBC accepted in Nigeria?

If you want to buy electronic gadgets, you can use tbc as part payment at Kavwin Nigeria limited. The store is located at 56 ijaiye road, beside Tantalizer, Ogba, Lagos. You can pay a percentage with tbc and the rest you will pay with cash.

How do I shop online with TBC?

In order to start shopping with TBC, you need to log into your Facebook account and proceed to the yardsales category. You will see groups with different suppliers, goods, and prices that you can pay with TBC. You can contact the sellers to find out if delivery is provided.

Does GMC accept TBC?

GMC is into Consultancy; Business Development; marketing; Forex trading; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading of all kinds such as Bitcoin, TheBillionCoin ( TBC ), Ethereum, PlatinCoin, e.t.c.

Can TBC be converted to Bitcoin?

You can convert TBC to BTC on multiple online exchange websites. Currently, 1 TBC is equal to 134.14 BTC, so you should keep this amount of money in mind if you are thinking of exchanging.

Is TBC a genuine Cryptocurrency?

According to my discovery, The Billion Coin ( TBC ) which claimed to be a peer to peer digital currency turned out to be a potential scam, because it’s not genuine or legitimate. You can convert the fake currency with their TBC to BTC exchange free, but cannot do it vise-versa.

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How much is TBC now?

TBC statistics

Current TBC Price $0.0001 USD 0.00000001 BTC
Marketcap $0 USD 0 BTC
24h Volume $0 0 BTC


How can I send TBC to another wallet?

To send your TBC to another wallet, simply go to the Transaction page, fill in the Address and Amount fields and press Send. That is it! Go ahead and use your TBC wallet.

Is TBC accepted in Philippines?

TBC and Kris Kringle are likewise absent in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ list of registered banks, exchanges or companies engaged in digital assets, as well as in the list of generally accepted virtual currencies as posted on the World Coin Index and Coin Market Cap websites.

How do you convert TBC to cash?

Internet Banking

  1. From desktop computer visit the link www.tbconline.ge.
  2. Log in to Internet Bank and choose “Transfers” from the main menu, then choose “Transfer to personal account/currency conversion “
  3. After selecting the accounts, view special currency exchange rate that will apply to your transaction.

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