Readers ask: Who Is The Present Chief Justice Of Nigeria?

Who is the Chief Justice of Nigeria today?

Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad CFR (born 31 December 1953) is a Nigerian Jurist, Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the incumbent Chief Justice of Nigeria.

Who is the current chief justice 2020?

The current chief justice is John Roberts (since 2005).

Who is the former chief judge of Nigeria?

Past Chief Justices

S/N Fullname Position
1 Stafford Foster Sutton (Past CJF) Former Chief Justice of Nigeria
2 Adetokunbo Ademola KBE, GCON Former Chief Justice of Nigeria
3 Taslim Olawale Elias CFR, GCON Former Chief Justice of Nigeria
4 Darnley Arthur Alexander CBE,KCMG,CFR,GCON Former Chief Justice of Nigeria


Who is the chairman of Justice?

Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice of India Bhārat ke Mukhya Nyāyādhīśa
Incumbent N. V. Ramana since 24 April 2021
Supreme Court
Abbreviation CJI
Residence 5, Krishna Menon Marg, Sunehri Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Who was the first Chief Justice of Nigeria?

Past Chief Justices of Nigeria

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1 Hon. Justice Stafford Foster Sutton (Past CJF) 1955-1958
2 Hon. Justice Adetokunbo Ademola KBE, GCON 1958–1972
3 Hon. Justice Taslim Olawale Elias CFR, GCON 1972–1975
4 Hon. Justice Darnley Arthur Alexander CBE,KCMG,CFR,GCON 1975–1979


How many judges are in Nigeria?

Supreme Court of Nigeria
Composition method Presidential nomination with Senate confirmation
Authorized by Constitution of Nigeria
Judge term length Life tenure with mandatory retirement at the age of 70.
Number of positions 16

Can a president change the chief justice?

A Chief Justice appointment may be made only when there is, or is scheduled to be, a vacancy in the position of Chief Justice; the President may not use the occasion of an Associate Justice vacancy to appoint someone to replace a sitting Chief Justice.

Who controls the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and such number of Associate Justices as may be fixed by Congress.

Does the chief justice have more power?

He serves as chairman in the court and has authority to assign the writing of opinions in cases where he is a member of the majority; otherwise his powers are the same as those of any other Supreme Court justice.

Who is a judicial officer in Nigeria?

(i) In this Code, the term ‘ Judicial Officer ‘ shall mean a holder of the office of Chief Justice of Nigeria, a Justice of the Supreme Court, the President or Justice of the Court of Appeal, the Chief Judge or Judge of the Federal High Court, of a State and of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the Grand Khadi or

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Which is the highest court of Judgement?

The Supreme Court of the United States, established in 1789, is the highest federal court in the United States, with powers of judicial review first asserted in Calder v. Bull (1798) in Justice Iredell’s dissenting opinion.

How many judges are in Supreme Court?

Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Bill amends the Supreme Court (Number of Judges ) Act, 1956. The Act fixes the maximum number of judges in the Supreme Court at 30 judges (excluding the Chief Justice of India). The Bill increases this number from 30 to 33.

Who chooses the chief justice?

Like the Associate Justices, the Chief Justice is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Who is Chief Justice of country?

Karnataka Chief minister BS Yediyurappa with Chief Justice of India S A Bobde during a meeting, in Bengaluru.

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