Readers ask: Which Confraternity Is The Strongest In Nigeria?

Which Confraternity is the best in Nigeria?

Here are the top 9 cults in Nigeria:

  • Pyrates Confraternity – National Association of Seadogs.
  • The Black Axe Confraternity /The Neo-Black Movement of Africa.
  • Aro Mates.
  • Air Lords, also known as The Supreme Eiye Confraternity.
  • Dedy Na Debt.
  • Ciao Sons.
  • Black Bra Confraternity.
  • Daughters of Jezebel.

Who is the founder of Aye confraternity?

Origin. In 1953, future-Nobel Prize winning author Wole Soyinka and a group of six friends formed the Pyrate Confraternity at the elite University College, Ibadan, then part of the University of London.

What does EIYE mean?

Sources further note that ” eiye ” means “bird” in the Yoruba language (ibid.; SEC n.d.).

Which Confraternity is the first in Nigeria?

National Association of Seadogs
Symbol Skull & Cross Bones
Headquarters Nigeria
The National Association of Seadogs is the oldest confraternity group in Nigeria after it was founded in 1952.

Who is the father of cultism in Nigeria?

The origin of cultism was traced to the Seadog confraternity (a.k.a Pyrates), founded by Wole Soyinka and six others at the foremost University of Ibadan in 1952.

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Who betrayed NBM?

NBM legend also has it that a certain Charles Kokoma was one of the founders of NBM but betrayed the “movement” and was then beheaded by the others (even though this name does not appear on the official list of founders).

What is Egede in NBM?

June 28, 2018 · Egede: Originally used for the greeting with the clash of forearms, more recently also used for drums. Dodorima: Dodorima in Igbo language refers to honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence, hard working, etc. It has become the culture of NBM members to say, “Dodorima/Dodos to you”.

When was black AXE founded?

The Black Axe are among the most notorious. They emerged in the 1970s and were originally known as the Neo Black Movement. Its founders said the group’s aim was to “liberate” the black race.

Where did black AXE originated from?

According to Offiong, the Black Axe, which is also known as the Neo Black Movement, originated at the University of Benin in the late 1970s and can be found at the University of Calabar and other campuses (ibid., 69). Its insignia is an upright axe with a wide blade fixed to a short handle, and its motto is “‘Ayei!

What Bird Flies front and back?

Hummingbirds are incredible flyers, with the ruby-throated hummingbird beating its wings 80 times every second, an ability that inspired this blog’s name. These tiny birds can fly forwards, hover, and are the only known birds to fly backwards as well.

How many confraternity are in Nigeria?

The number of secret cults on campuses is on the increase. According to Kosemani (1997), we, now, know that, there are currently thirty two (32) secret societies/ confraternities in our educational institutions nation-wide.

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What is Korofo?

Worthless; lack of integrity. Worthless ( Korofo lasan) person.

What is the name of the first cultism in Nigeria?

The first cultism movement in Nigeria was called “Pyrates”. It was founded in 1952 by Nobel Prize winning author Wole Soyinka and his friends.

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