Readers ask: Where To Get Shea Butter In Nigeria?

How can you tell real shea butter in Nigeria?

Original shea butter should be very creamy when it comes in contact with the skin. If the shea butter you buy has a greasy feel and spreads rather than absorb into your skin, then do not buy it. When you rub original shea butter in between your fingers, it should melt evenly without lumps.

What is the cost of shea butter?

The actual butter itself costs between $6 USD and $8 USD per pound. To import 1 ton of Grade-A Shea Butter into theUS can cost between $6,000 USD and $13,000 US depending on how many tons in the shipment.

Where can shea butter be found in Nigeria?

Nigeria produces 500,000MT of unrefined shea butter annually (with a trade value of $400,000), which makes it the top producer of shea butter in the world. It is produced primarily in Kwara and Niger states; other states include Kogi, Kebbi and Ogun.

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What is shea butter called in Nigeria?

Beurre means BUTTER & Karité means SHEA. In Igbo & Yoruba languages (spoken in Nigeria ) Shea Butter is called ORI.

Is pure shea butter yellow or white?

There are a few variations of the color “ white ” when it comes to shea butter. Off- white is unrefined shea butter and stark or pure white is known to be refined or ultra-refined shea butter. Pure white shea butter is free of impurities and you can recognize it by its smooth texture.

How much is unrefined shea butter?

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How much is whipped shea butter?

Price: $9.95 It is fair trade and harvested by women farmers producing the products to sustain their families.

How much is a kilo of shea butter?

Price: GHC5. 00. Global Mamas Pure Shea Grade “A” unrefined bulk shea butter is produced in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Where do they get shea butter from?

Shea butter comes from the nuts of karité trees that grow in the Sahel region extending from West to East Africa, from Guinea and Senegal to Uganda and South Sudan.

How do you produce shea butter?

Shea Production Process:

  1. Wait for wild shea fruit to ripen.
  2. Collect wild fruit.
  3. Extract kernel from fruit.
  4. Wash kernels.
  5. Dry kernels and sort for quality.
  6. Crush kernels.
  7. Roast crushed kernels.
  8. Mill roasted kernels into paste.
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Does Nigeria produce shea butter?

Currently, Nigeria is world’s largest producer of shea butter, producing 361,017 MT, according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FOA)’s 2017 figures. According to experts, Nigeria can double its shea butter production to 650,000MT for export with the domestication of the crop.

Does shea butter darken skin?

Yes, like any other shea butter skin care product! Don’t apply shea butter before going out! This is the one case where shea butter can actually darken your skin – if you apply it right after leaving home and don’t use any UV protection, your skin tone can become darker from the sun.

Does shea butter grow hair?

Shea butter is packed with nutrients These ingredients will provide nutrients to your scalp and follicles, conditioning them and providing them with stimulation, but it is unlikely to help you grow new hair —just help you preserve what you already have.

Does shea butter expire?

As a general rule, raw shea butter will expire 24 months after it’s manufactured. However, “Refined” shea butter can last significantly longer, but lacks many of the benefits from raw shea butter.

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