Readers ask: How To Apply For New Zealand Visa From Nigeria?

How much is New Zealand visa fee in Nigeria?

You should be prepared to pay your fees with your Visa or Mastercard. Your fees include: immigration costs at 165 New Zealand Dollars (44,000 Naira); passport fee at 480 Rand (14,600 Naira); courier fee at 150 Rand (4,555 Naira).

Do New Zealand have embassy in Nigeria?

Embassy of New Zealand in Abuja Nigeria.

What are the documents required for New Zealand visa?

New Zealand visa – required documents

  • Passport – no matter how you apply for your New Zealand visa, you need to have a valid passport. But that is not the only requirement.
  • Digital photo – every visa requires a photograph of the applicant. An embassy will ask you for two, but iVisa asks only one, digital.
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Is Nigeria visa free to New Zealand?

I’m from Nigeria, do I need a visa to enter New Zealand? Yes, you need a visa to enter New Zealand. You can only apply for this document in an embassy, at least for now.

How much is the flight ticket from Nigeria to New Zealand?

Flights to Cities in New Zealand

Flights Lowest Price
Lagos to Auckland NGN1,884,873
Lagos to Christchurch NGN701,253,776
Lagos to Wellington NGN1,605,388

Is New Zealand visa easy to get?

While many countries around the world adopted the visa on arrival, New Zealand is NOT one of them. Its visa policy includes many types of visas, but on arrival visas are not one of them. This is probably because the electronic visa to New Zealand is so easy to apply. In fact, you can apply online with iVisa.

How much is flight ticket from Lagos to Auckland?

The average price for one way flights from Lagos to Auckland is NGN950,857. The average price for round trip flights from Lagos to Auckland is NGN1,088,221.

What jobs are in demand in New Zealand?

Top 20 most-needed jobs in New Zealand

Most-needed jobs Current rank Change since Feb
Nursing-All roles 1 +4
Administrative Assistants 2 -1
Warehousing, Storage & Distribution 3
Developers / Programmers 4


Can I travel from Nigeria to New Zealand now?

Am I allowed to travel from Nigeria to New Zealand? No, entry into New Zealand from Nigeria is currently restricted. 3

What is the procedure for New Zealand visa?

Download the New Zealand Visitor Visa Application Form (form number INZ 1017) from the internet. Fill the form completely with accurate information. Put together the relevant supporting documents, along with your photographs. Make sure you have the application fee ready to be paid.

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Does embassy check bank statement?

They do not check your bank account. That is why they ask for few months of statements to see your history. Furthermore; they do not have the necessary waiver from you to contact your Bank so they won’t be able to get any information even if they tried. They do carry out inquiry from bank.

How long does New Zealand visa take?

Residence visas

Visa 50% of applications completed within: 90% of applications completed within:
Permanent Resident Visa 17 days 61 days
Skilled Migrant 21 months 25 months
Transfer of visa to new passport 1 day 8 days
Variation of travel conditions on a resident visa 7 days 21 days

How much is a NZ visa?

Most international visitors coming to New Zealand will pay an IVL of NZD $35. You pay this when you apply for a visa or request an NZeTA ( New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

How many hours does it take from Nigeria to New Zealand?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Nigeria and New Zealand is 16,228 km= 10,084 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Nigeria to New Zealand, It takes 18.01 hours to arrive.

Which country is visa free to Nigeria?

Visa requirements

Country Visa requirement
Cambodia eVisa / Visa on arrival
Cameroon Visa not required
Canada Visa required
Cape Verde Visa not required


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