Readers ask: How Much Is Wallpaper In Nigeria?

How much does a wallpaper cost?

Average Wallpaper Cost Basic wallpaper runs $25 to $50 per roll on average, for example, while designer and custom wallpaper can run as high as $5,000 per roll. One roll of wallpaper covers about 30 square feet, so expect to pay about $1 to $2.50 per square foot.

How much does 3D wallpaper cost in Nigeria?

On the average, 3D wallpaper cost between N4, 800 – N10, 000 depending on the design.

How much is wallpaper for a room?

Wallpaper costs $1 to $3 per square foot on average. Average Wallpaper Prices.

Material Cost per roll Price per square foot
Wood pattern $30 – $90+ $1.10 – $3.30
Grasscloth $80 – $125+ $2.90 – $4.50

Where can I buy cheap wallpaper?

Target. Starting at $1.06/square foot for removable wallpaper. Target is the place for the least inexpensive peel and stick wallpaper!

Which is cheaper wallpaper or paint?

Wallpaper on average is more expensive to purchase the rolls, supplies and to have it installed. Paint on average is cheaper and requires very few supplies, and an amateur can apply it. It should be noted that inexpensive wallpaper can be purchased and if you do it yourself can cut down on installation costs.

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Why is wallpaper so expensive?

Wallpaper prices typically go up with the increased durability and manufacturing cost of the paper type. Custom paper and murals may be more expensive than typical solid sheet vinyl or coated fabric paper. Grass woven wallpaper is much more expensive than vinyl because it’s made from natural materials and hand-woven.

What is the cost of 3d wallpaper?


Original Price Applicable for All Users Discount by cluesbucks+ Use Coupon EXTRA12 Deal Price
₹6500 (₹286 ₹780) ₹5434

Where can I buy beautiful wallpaper?

Here, the best places to buy wallpaper.

  • Flavor Paper. Buy on
  • Anewall. Buy on
  • Graham & Brown. Buy on
  • West Elm. Buy on West Elm.
  • Serena & Lily. Buy on Serena And Lily.
  • Rifle Paper Co. Buy on
  • Murals Wallpaper. Buy on
  • Scalamandré

How many rolls of wallpaper do I need for a room?

Pair your measurements up on the chart below to determine the number of rolls. For example, if a room was 24 feet with 8 foot ceilings, you would need roughly four rolls of wallpaper. Remember, if you have a chair railing or wainscoting, adjust your wall height according by measuring from the rail to the ceiling.

How long does a wallpaper last?

A good quality Wallpaper is likely to last up to 15 years and beyond, which makes it a fabulously cost-effective, durable way to decorate your room. When you choose a wallpaper expert with many years experience to ensure the paper is skilfully hung, it’s likely to last at least three times longer than paint.

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How much does it cost to wallpaper a 10×10 room?

A 10×10 square foot room should require about 6 rolls. So on average, for a room about that size, you can expect to pay $90 to $100 plus the cost of supplies. If you’re hiring a professional to hang the paper for you, expect higher costs to kick in.

Can I install wallpaper myself?

Be encouraged about the fact that you are absolutely capable of hanging wallpaper yourself, but also know that there are professionals who do this everyday. Either way, wallpaper is not going out of style anytime soon, so I encourage you to find a way to incorporate it in your home.

Why is removable wallpaper so expensive?

Use Regular Wallpaper in a Temporary Way As I suggested earlier, peel-and-stick wallpaper must be expensive to produce because it really is hard to find at a reasonable price (which is a bit ironic since it’s marketed as a temporary solution). Interestingly, using regular wallpaper can often be much cheaper.

How do you cover a cheap wall?

Here are ten affordable ways to cover your walls that can be done in a short time.

  1. Foam board.
  2. Large art prints.
  3. Starched fabric wall covering.
  4. Loose fabric wall covering /curtain.
  5. Tapestry wall hanging.
  6. Vinyl wall decals.
  7. Peel and stick wallpaper.
  8. Mirrors.

Does peel and stick wallpaper last?

If self-adhesive wallpaper is applied properly and left alone, it can last as long as you choose – remove it in a month for a new look, or keep it for years as a staple of your décor.

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