Readers ask: How Much Is Hawaii Soap In Nigeria?

Is Hawaii soap a bleaching soap?

Hawaii Papaya Calamansi as a skin lightener Since papaya soap promotes the removal of dead skin cells, the soap may gradually reduce the appearance of dark patches, lightening your skin.

Is Hawaii soap made in Nigeria?

Hawaii soaps are specially made from natural raw materials including carrot and paw-paw, delivering soaps that are conditioned to the Nigerian weather and safe on the skin.

Does Hawaii soap lighten skin?

Hawaii Premium Gold Soap is a specially formulated soap infused with papaya, carrot and apricots. This leave your skin smoother, softer and brighter. Whitens the skin by minimizing production of melanin.

Which of the Hawaii soap is good for fair skin?

Hawaii Papaya Calamansi is specially formulated with purely combined herbal ingredients of Papaya, Calamansi which could whiten delicate skin while, Papaya extract subtly exfoliates dead skin cells resulting from harsh climatic and environmental condition.

How much is K Brothers soap in Nigeria?

While some of the K Brothers soaps are expensive, most are very affordable. One piece can be gotten for as low as N1, 000 or even less, depending on the place and period of purchase.

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How much is a pack of Hawaii soap?

Generally, Hawaii soaps go for anything between N700 and N1, 500, depending on the type and the place of purchase. The most common the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi beauty soap costs between N600 – N1, 000 per pack.

Is there fake Hawaii soap?

A fake Hawaii Soap is a bit difficult to distinguish from the Original, the fake orange soaps are slightly darker than the original. Here are other tips to help you avoid buying a fake Hawaii papaya soap.

Which company produces Hawaii soap?

1992: The manufacturing company Evans Industries Ltd. was registered, and today produces soap brands such as Eva, Meditol, Hawaii, Unik, Gino and Blossom Light. 90’s – till date: Ekulo continues to represent big brand names from all over the world in different sectors.

Who is the owner of Hawaii soap?

Aoi Kawano – Owner – Pualani Soap Hawaii | LinkedIn.

Does Hawaii carrot soap lighten the skin?

Its active ingredients and their benefits include the following: Carrot Extract: Rich in beta-carotene. Promotes younger-looking and glowing skin. Apricot Exfoliators: Whitens the skin by exfoliation revealing lighter, younger and smoother skin.

Does Hawaii papaya soap lighten the skin?

Papaya soap as a skin lightener Hyperpigmentation is darkening or discoloration of the skin. Since papaya soap promotes the removal of dead skin cells, the soap may gradually reduce the appearance of dark patches, lightening your skin.

Does Hawaii soap contain hydroquinone?

Hawaii soap is a product by Evans Industries Limited. It has three variants, Gold, Papaya Calamansi and Carrot. Gold, is a combination of papaya and carrot. It also has argan oil which moistures the skin and supports skin lightening and contains Kojic acid a known safe substitute to hydroquinone.

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How do you use K Brothers soap?

K brothers USA Carrot soap,beauty care face out soap is perfect for black spots.It may be used as mask on the face to eliminate impurities. Rob it on your palm with water and massage the creamy bubbles on your face or body,allow to seat on face for not more than 5 min,then rinse off gently. Use twice daily.

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