Readers ask: How Much Is Ccna Exam In Nigeria?

How much does the CCNA exam cost?

Exam costs: All CCNA exams listed above are $300 except for 200-125, which is $325, and the ICND1 and ICND2 exams at $165 each. Pearson VUE is the authorized Cisco test delivery partner.

How much does CCNA cost in Nigeria?

CCNA Course fees in Nigeria – June 2021 update

Course Location Fees
Cisco CCNA (200-301) Volume 2 Lead Academy N/A NGN 5,241 NGN 160,891
Cisco Networking LABS Lead Academy N/A NGN 5,241 NGN 160,891
RIP Routing Protocol For Cisco CCNA Lead Academy N/A NGN 5,241 NGN 160,891
Cisco CCNA IPv4 Lead Academy N/A NGN 5,241 NGN 160,891


How much is Cisco exam in Nigeria?

CCNA Exam Fees: From our research, we have gathered this piece of information that the total cost of CCNA Exam is just about N135, 000 in lagos, Nigeria. Know this that you can book for your exams any time at any Pearson vue center in Nigeria.

Is CCNA difficult to pass?

It’s life that makes the CCNA exam difficult, particularly the ability to allocate time for studying. After all, sometimes it’s difficult to carve eight hours out of the day to sleep — let alone a long study session. Luckily, you don’t need to study long. You need to study often.

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Is CCNA worth getting?

CCNA certifications are valid for three years from the date you gain it, and you can renew it by either passing the CCNA exam again or by earning any of the higher-level professional certifications (CCNP). So, in the end, we can determine that earning a CCNA certification is still worth it.

Will CCNA get me a job?

Many employers will hire someone with only the Cisco CCNA certification for a lower-level or entry-level IT or cyber security job, however the chances of being hired increase greatly if you can combine your CCNA with a second skill, such as technical experience, another certification, or a soft skill like customer

How long is CCNA training?

The authorized Cisco courses for CCNA total 10 days of classroom time – and frankly, I think most people still need to study after those classes to be ready to pass the 649-802 exam., The rest of the associate and professional level certs essentially cover a single 5-day class’s worth of material, with a few exceptions

How much is CCNA 200-301 Nigeria?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-301 exam can be taken online in Nigeria, the CCNA certification in Nigeria costs 120,000 Naira.

What is the CCNA course?

CCNA is an abbreviated form of Cisco Certified Network Associate. This certificate is suitable for professionals from networking background. This certificate confirms that the certificate holder has gained the ability to understand, operate, configure and troubleshoot medium-level switched and routed networks.

How much is CCNP exam cost?

CCNP Routing and Switching and the CCDP cost $900 each. These two certifications are comprised of three exams, which each cost $300 per attempt. CCNP Certification Exam Costs – $900 to $1,200.

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Cisco Certification Cost
CCNP Data Center $1,200
CCNP Routing and Switching $900
CCNP Security $1,200

What does Cisco mean?


Acronym Definition
CISCO Computer Information System Company
CISCO Civil Service Catering Organisation
CISCO Central Illinois Steel Company
CISCO Corps Information Systems Control Officer

Is CCNA Better Than Network+?

CCNA will open more doors with the right experience. Network+ will get your foot in the door. Network+ can be the perfect entry point to any of the 10 Highest Paying IT Certifications. But, you’ll have to get your CCNA eventually to the achieve the three highest paying Cisco certs.

How many times can you fail a Cisco exam?

You can retake an exam an infinite number of times if you like. If you take a CCNA, CCNP, or Specialist exam and fail it, you must wait 5 calendar days (starting the day after you take and fail the exam ) before retaking the exam.

How can I pass my CCNA exam in first attempt?

1 Answer

  1. Get Practical Experience. To pass the CCNA exam, you should have both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  2. Enroll for an online course. It could be tough to clear this exam by self-studying.
  3. Schedule Practice Tests. Schedule practice tests before you attend the scheduled exam date.

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