Quick Answer: Who Is The Secretary To The Federal Government Of Nigeria?

Who is current Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria?

Secretary to the Government of the Federation

Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) of Nigeria
Incumbent Boss Mustapha since 1 November 2017
Executive Branch of the Federal Government
Style Mr Secretary
Abbreviation SGF

Who is the secretary of?

United States Secretary of State
Incumbent Antony Blinken since January 26, 2021
United States Department of State
Style Mr. Secretary (informal) The Honorable (formal) His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member of Cabinet National Security Council


How many government do we have in Nigeria?

Nigeria has 774 local government areas (LGAs), each being administered by a local government council consisting of a Chairman, who is the chief executive, and other elected members referred to as Councillors. Each LGA is further subdivided into a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 Wards.

Who is Nigerian Head of service?

Folashade Mejabi Yemi-Esan (née Mejabi; born 13 August 1964), is a Nigerian civil servant and the current head of the civil service of the federation, since 28 February 2020. She was sworn in by the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on 4 March 2020.

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Who is the current Minister of Nigeria?

Current cabinet

Portfolio Incumbent Term
Minister of Justice Attorney General Abubakar Malami 2015–present
Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama 2015–present
Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning Zainab Ahmed 2018–present
Minister of Defence Bashir Salihi Magashi 2019–present


Who can be the secretary of some department?

Secretary of a government department must be a member of the Indian administrative service. Any individual will get such government posts only after clearing the IAS exam.

How many secretaries are there?

President Joe Biden’s Cabinet includes Vice President Kamala Harris and the heads of the 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and

Who is in charge of the Dept of Energy?

United States Secretary of Energy
Incumbent Jennifer Granholm since February 25, 2021
United States Department of Energy
Style Madam Secretary (informal) The Honorable (formal)
Member of Cabinet National Security Council


Who is the youngest governor in Nigeria?

Chukwuebuka Anisiobi is the youngest governor to rule in Nigeria at the age of 16.

Which is the biggest local government in Nigeria?

The local government is the largest local government in Nigeria and west Africa in particular.

Toro, Nigeria
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

Which state in Nigeria has the smallest local government?

Abia state has 17 Local Government Areas, after being carved out of the former Imo State in 1991. The state now has a population of 2,833,999. The name “Abia” is an abbreviation of four of the state’s densely populated regions Aba, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Afikpo.

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What is the highest rank in civil service?

The Cabinet Secretary is the IAS top post and senior civil officer of the India’s government. She/he is the senior executive of the Indian Administrative Service [6] ranked eleventh in the Indian order of priorities. She/he is under the direct responsibility of the PM and is designated for a set period of two years.

Who is the head of the civil service?

Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service Simon Case is the Prime Minister’s most senior policy adviser. He acts as Secretary to the Cabinet and is responsible for: supporting all ministers in the running of government. providing professional leadership to the Civil Service.

Who is the current Accountant General of Nigeria?

Accountant General of the Federation

Accountant General of the Federation of Nigeria
Incumbent Ahmed Idris since June 25, 2015
Style Mr. Accountant General
Member of Federal Ministry of Finance

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