Quick Answer: Who Is The Owner Of Shoprite In Nigeria?

Who is the current owner of Shoprite?

Christo Wiese is the brain behind Shoprite, Africa’s most storied retail chain.

Who owns Shoprite franchise in Nigeria?

16 years after it opened its first outlet in Nigeria, Shoprite — Africa’s largest food retailer, has sold its Nigerian operations to a company owned by a group of local investors led by property firm Persianas Investment, Ketron. The buyer intends to shift the giant from an ownership model to a franchise one.

Which Shoprite is the biggest in Nigeria?

Coming in at number one in our list is the Shoprite in Lekki, which is also called the Novare Lekki Mall. As it stands right now, this is the largest Shoprite in Nigeria.

Who is the CEO of Shoprite Checkers?

Pieter Engelbrecht is the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) of Shoprite Holdings.

Who is the CEO of Shoprite?

Pieter Engelbrecht is 50, he’s been the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Shoprite since 2017. There are 7 older and 3 younger executives at Shoprite.

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Is Shoprite Nigeria a franchise?

At the end of June 2019, Shoprite operated a total of 2,934 outlets in 15 countries: including 2,319 corporate stores, 25 of which are in Nigeria (24 Shoprite stores and one Usave store). Shoprite, however, also has up to 418 franchise outlets, but these are not in Nigeria.

How much is Shoprite worth in Nigeria?

Shoprite Nigeria is worth at least N25 billion.

How do I get a Shoprite franchise?

The Franchisees must have a fixed permanent address. 51% or more of the company must be Black-owned and held by South African citizens. All franchises must be operated within South Africa. Have a business proposal or business plan motivating the franchise and have experience in retail.

Why did Shoprite leave Nigeria?

According to the company, it has taken a decision to leave “following approaches from various potential investors” looking to invest in the Nigerian entity. The group also said the decision is in line with its “re-evaluation of the Group’s operating model in Nigeria ” one of the 15 countries where it currently operates.

Why did Shoprite pull out of Nigeria?

The average Nigerian cannot afford luxury items sold at Shoprite.” Distribution in Nigeria was also a problem that might have contributed to Shoprite discontinuing its operations, said Vianello.

Did Shoprite leave Nigeria?

Last year, the parent firm located in South Africa had stated in its financials that it will exit the Nigerian market by late 2020, which is when it will announce Shoprite Nigeria as a discontinued entity.

How much does the CEO of Shoprite earn per month?

Meet the retail bosses who earn around R70,000 a day

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Retail group CEO Salary
Woolworths Ian Moir R23.0 million
Shoprite Pieter Engelbrecht R21.3 million
Dis-Chem Ivan Saltzman R12.8 million
Massmart Guy Hayward R12.8 million

Who is the most paid CEO in South Africa?

The best- paid chief executive of a JSE-listed tech company in South Africa is Datatec CEO Jens Montanana, with an annual remuneration of R94 million.

Is OK part of Shoprite?

The Shoprite Group has two furniture outlets, namely OK Furniture and House & Home. OK Furniture is aimed at the general public, while House and Home caters for the more discerning buyer.

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