Quick Answer: Who Is The Minister Of Education In Nigeria?

Who is the Minister of Education in Nigeria now?

Mallam Adamu Adamu (born 25 May 1954) is a Nigerian accountant and journalist who is currently serving as the Minister of Education.

Who is the current educational minister?

Minister of Education (India)

Minister of Education Shiksha Mantrī
Incumbent Ramesh Pokhriyal since 30 May 2019
Ministry of Education
Member of Union Cabinet
Reports to Prime Minister of India

Who is in charge of education in Nigeria?

Local government in Nigeria has constitutional responsibility in primary education; also, the state and federal government attend to all levels of education, including the primary education.

Who is the Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Education?

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, Arc Sonny Echono, refuting reports that said there was a plan to increase tuition fees to N350,000 per session as claimed by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Who is the first minister of education?

National Education Day (India) an annual observance in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

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Who is the current Minister of Nigeria?

Current cabinet

Portfolio Incumbent Term
Minister of Justice Attorney General Abubakar Malami 2015–present
Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama 2015–present
Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning Zainab Ahmed 2018–present
Minister of Defence Bashir Salihi Magashi 2019–present


Who is Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal?

Ramesh Pokhriyal (born 15 July 1959), known by his pen name Nishank is an Indian politician who was appointed on 31 May 2019 to serve as Minister of Human Resource Development and as of July 2020, following the ministry’s name change, his title was changed to Minister of Education.

Who is the education minister of Pakistan 2019?

Shafqat Mahmood (Urdu: شفقت محمود‎; 19 February 1950) is a Pakistani bureaucrat-turned-politician who is the current Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, and Federal Minister for National History and Literary Heritage, in office since 20 August 2018.

Who is in charge of education in the government?

The United States secretary of education is the head of the U.S. Department of Education. The secretary serves as the principal advisor to the president of the United States, and the federal government, on policies, programs, and activities related to all education in the United States.

What is the stand of education in Nigeria?

The Current System of Education in Nigeria is 9-3-4 System. Both 9-3-4 and 6-3-3-4 System of Education means six years in primary education, three years in junior secondary education, three years in senior secondary and four years in University Education (Tertiary Institution).

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What is the structure of education in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s education system is based on the (1)-6-3-3-4 formula: one year pre-primary education, six years primary, three years junior secondary, three years senior secondary, and a minimum of four years tertiary education.

What is the role of local government in education?

Local governments at all levels decide education policy, including county, city, town and district. Their task is to make critical decisions about funding and pedagogy, while serving as a channel between local communities and state education departments.

Is Federal Ministry of Education Recruiting?

Federal Ministry of Education Recruitment 2021: Federal Ministry of Education is currently recruiting applicant.

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