Quick Answer: What Is High School Diploma In Nigeria?

What is the equivalent of high school diploma in Nigeria?

List of High School Equivalents

Nigeria WAEC Senior School Certificate
Norway Vitnemål fra Videregående Skole
Pakistan Higher Secondary Certificate


Is Waec a high school diploma?

– the Senior School Certificate issued by the NECO, with a final result of A1 or B2-3 for at least 6 subjects, is is treated as equivalent to the high school final exams at the advanced level. Nigeria – WASSCE – NECO.

Original document WASSCE rating scale MUG’s recruitment points
A1 B2 B3 B4 C5 C6 D7 E8 F9 30 24 22 20 18 16 14.5 9 0

What is the equivalent to a high school diploma?

A high school equivalency or HSE is a recognized alternative to a high school diploma. There are three common exams used to determine high school equivalency: The General Educational Development ( GED ®) test. The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)

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Are A levels the same as high school diploma?

An A- level in the UK is a mix between US AP’s and normal Upper School. The course difficulty of an A- level is often the same —if not more—than a US AP class; however, they are usually also the only courses you have to take. So it would be like a Diploma granted exclusively by taking about three two-year-long AP’s.

What is 12th grade in Nigeria?

Senior Secondary school consists of the SS I, SS 2, and SS 3 which is equivalent to the 10th, 11th and 12th Grade. The Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) is taken at the end of the SS 3. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) administers both exams.

What is a high school diploma called in Australia?

The Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE) is the graduation certificate awarded to most students in Australian high schools, and is equivalent to the Advance Placement in North America and the GCE A-Levels of the United Kingdom.

Can I use my high school diploma from another country?

Foreign High School Diplomas and Transcripts High school diplomas /transcripts from other countries are acceptable as long as it is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma. To determine if the high school diploma /transcript is equivalent, the student will need to have the document evaluated by an evaluation service.

How many subjects are required for Waec?

The WASSCE tests four core subjects —English, mathematics, integrated science, social studies, and three or four elective subjects.

What qualifications do you get from high school?

A school leaving qualification is an academic qualification awarded for the completion of high school. Depending on the country or region, it may alternatively be known as a high school diploma, senior secondary leaving certificate, high school general certificate or school certificate (amongst other names).

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Which is better GED or HS diploma?

Employers view the GED as equal to a high school diploma, so you shouldn’t have trouble applying for jobs—as long as you have the skills and experience necessary for the position. And, earning a GED also has the potential to boost your earnings significantly.

Is the GED harder than high school?

Is getting a GED harder than high school? Whether you will find getting a GED or getting a high school diploma more difficult depends on your learning style and your academic background. On the other hand, the GED contains less information and is generally less academically rigorous than high school exams are.

Is GED worse than diploma?

GEDs may carry less weight than diplomas in the business world and are not accepted at a few colleges and universities. In general, however, the GED serves as an effective high school diploma equivalent when applying for college or jobs.

Is a high school diploma good?

While some higher institutions accept HSE for admission, all colleges and universities generally prefer a high school diploma to be considered for admission. It’s never too late to continue your education. Study your options carefully and seek advice from counselors at your online school or local college.

Is a diploma a degree?

Unlike the term ‘ degree ‘, which has a very specific meaning, a diploma can vary in what it refers to or includes. ‘ Diploma ‘ really just means ‘qualification’, and can be awarded at different levels, so the diploma level varies according to type.

What do you call a high school diploma on a resume?

Here are popular educational, academic and professional development credentials to include in the education section of a resume: Secondary diploma, high school diploma, or GED. Name of schools and location. Discipline (including major and minor where applicable) Year of graduation (optional)

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