Quick Answer: How To Register For Nhis In Nigeria?

How do I register my NHIS on my phone?

Mobile Renewal

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select Option 2.
  3. Select NHIS Card.
  4. Enter the 8 Digit Membership Number.
  5. Press Send.
  6. Follow the instruction for payment.

Who are eligible for NHIS?

People between the age group of 18 and 59 years (members of the specific 45 professional groups) can get covered under JBY scheme.

How do I get a NHIS card?

Contact the district office or NHIS agent in your community. Fill a replacement form and pay the processing fee where applicable. You will be issued with a new ID card.

What does NHIS cover in Nigeria?

NHIS is to provide social health insurance in Nigeria where health care services of contributors are paid from the common pool of funds contributed by the participants of the Scheme. The amount/funds are pooled, allowing the Health Maintenance Organisations(HMOs) to pay for those needing medical attention.

What is the code for NHIS?

The NHIS Mobile Renewal is a convenient method to renew NHIS policy by dialling dedicated NHIS short- code *929# (service is currently being piloted on *842*10# and is open in Asuogyaman and West Mamprusi districts). The mobile renewal service can be accessed from all networks.

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How do I find my NHIS number?

Go to nhisonline.com. Click on register. Input the required information (Name, Surname, NHIS number DOB, etc.) and submit.

Does NHIS cover dental?

NHIS doesn’t cover it and so that means they are encouraging patients to remove their teeth.

How does HMO work in Nigeria?

How it works. A HMO has a list of Healthcare Facilities that provide healthcare services to its clients (companies). The HMO markets its services to companies seeking to provide healthcare for its employees. If the HMO’s Plan is N40,000 in premium per person, then the company will pay the HMO N800,000 as premium.

What are the benefits of NHIS in Nigeria?

The vision statement of NHIS is “to be a strong, dynamic and responsive National Health Insurance Scheme that is totally committed to securing universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare; in order to improve the health status of Nigerians, especially for those participating in the various

What is NHIS card?

The card contains basic biographic information as well as biometric data of the subscriber. The new card is valid for 5 years subject to yearly membership renewals. The security of the card is more of electronic than physical due to the biometric nature of the data which is embedded in the memory of the card.

How can I get health card in Tamilnadu?

Here are the steps for Tamil Nadu Government Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam Card Download:

  1. Visit this page to complete Chief Minister Health Insurance Smart Card Download.
  2. Enter the beneficiary’s details with along with URN or ration card number.
  3. Click on ‘Generate e- card ‘
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What does NHIS cover in Ghana?

The NHIS covers outpatient services, including diagnostic testing and operations such as hernia repair; most in-patient services, including specialist care, most surgeries, and hospital accommodation (general ward); oral health treatments; all maternity care services, including Caesarean deliveries; emergency care; and

How much is medical insurance in Nigeria?

Question: How much does Health Insurance cost in Nigeria? Answer: According to this report, registration of dependants (Children and Parents) typically cost around N9,000 per head. For private health care service, individual plans start from N35,000 to N220,000 and family plans range from N125,000 to N650,000.

Is there health insurance in Nigeria?

Healthcare in Nigeria for expats Nigeria’s health insurance plan (National Health Insurance Scheme – NHIS) is a system that was established in 1999 and intended to be universal. Those who can afford it, such as state employees and private sector employees, use their Nigerian health insurance for treatment abroad.

What is NHIS and its function?

Background: The National Health Insurance Scheme ( NHIS ) in Nigeria was introduced in 2005 to ensure universal access to good health care services, by protecting families from financial barriers to health care, and ensuring availability of funds to the health sector for improved services.

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