Quick Answer: How To Find Investors In Nigeria?

Where can I get investors in Nigeria?

Top 10 Early-Stage Startup Investors And VCs In Nigeria

  • Venture Platform. Ventures Platform is an early-stage growth focused fund that supports post MVP teams in growing their startups.
  • GreenHouse Capital.
  • SPARK Capital.
  • Growth Capital Fund.
  • LeadPath Nigeria.
  • GreenTree Investment Company.
  • Microtraction.
  • Lagos Angel Network (LAN).

How do I find investors in my area?

Here are our top 5 ways to find investors for your small business:

  1. Ask Family or Friends for Capital.
  2. Apply for a Small Business Administration Loan.
  3. Consider Private Investors.
  4. Contact Businesses or Schools in Your Field of Work.
  5. Try Crowdfunding Platforms to Find Investors.

Where can I find angel investors in Nigeria?

How to get investors in Nigeria?

  1. Your startup should have a registered business name.
  2. Have a detailed business plan: You need to show the overall long-term viability of the business you are asking someone to invest in.
  3. A winning business proposal.
  4. Do not forget to protect yourself.
  5. Get your terms right.
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What is a fair percentage for an investor?

Angel investors typically want from 20 to 25 percent return on the money they invest in your company. Venture capitalists may take even more; if the product is still in development, for example, an investor may want 40 percent of the business to compensate for the high risk it is taking.

Who are the biggest investors in Nigeria?

Some of the main investing countries in Nigeria include the USA, China, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France.

Who is the richest business man in Nigeria?

Aliko Dangote $9.9 billion Dangote is on the top of our list because he is the world’s richest black man in 2021 and the richest man in Nigeria.

What are the 3 types of investors?

There are three types of investors: pre- investor, passive investor, and active investor.

How do I find investors for my idea?

How to Get Investors for a Startup in India

  1. Create a profile on AngelList.
  2. Prepare a record of investors to share your ideas with.
  3. Brush up your networking skills.
  4. Have a classy intro.
  5. Tell them why they should invest in your startup.

How do you find investors online?

  1. Investor Hunt. Sitting at number one for the best online platform to find an investor for your startup in 2019, we have Investor Hunt.
  2. AngelList. One of the most popular platforms out there is AngelList.
  3. Republic.
  4. GlassDollar.
  5. Wefunder.
  6. StartEngine.
  7. Equity Crowdfunding by Indiegogo.
  8. SeedInvest.

Where can I find angel investors for free?

Yes, fortunately there are numerous free angel investor lists, many of which can be found with a quick search on the internet. One in particular is www.Invstor.com. The Invstor.com Network exists to connect entrepreneurs, job seekers, advisors, investors, and everyone else in the startup community.

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How do startups get funding in Nigeria?

Five ways to get funds for a startup business in Nigeria.

  1. Family. Apart from the money in your Piggy bank, another method for raising enough money for your business is through family and relatives but you have to win their trust first.
  2. Friends and Well-wishers.
  3. Bank of Industry (BOI)
  4. Grants and Angel investors.
  5. Get a Job That sustains your finance needs.

What’s the difference between angel investors and venture capitalists?

A venture capitalist is a person or firm that invests in small companies, generally using money pooled from investment companies, large corporations, and pension funds. An angel investor is an accredited investor who uses their own money to invest in small businesses.

Do investors get paid monthly?

Do investors get paid monthly? Investors can bypass the monthly income funds and, instead, invest in funds from which they can take a regular payout. Investors could also have dividends paid into a separate bank account, which then sends a regular monthly income to a current account.

How much should I ask an investor for?

If your valuation is around $1M, you can validly ask for $200K–$300K, and offer 20–30% of your company in exchange. Type of investor. Angel investment groups usually won’t consider a request over $1M, while venture capitalists won’t look at anything under $2M.

How do silent investors get paid?

Financial Stakes of Silent Business Partners In return for their initial investment, silent partners often receive stock in your company as well as a percentage of revenue or profit. The amount of passive income they earn will depend on how well your company does and the agreement you put in place.

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