Quick Answer: How To Check Airtel Nigeria Data Balance?

How do I check my data balance in Airtel?

How to check Airtel data balance via USSD Code?

  1. Dial *123# to check the calling balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number.
  2. Dial *121# and enter 5 in order to check Airtel 3G/4g net balance using airtel codes.

How do I check my Airtel data balance by text?

How can I check my Airtel data balance? Try *141#. When you dial it, it will tell you to wait for an SMS (message), then you’ll see your data info.

How can I check my data usage?

CHECK THESE OUT Last is the old USSD method in which you need to dial *121#. The USSD when run will show several options like my offers, talktime offers, data offers and more. Select the option my number option and it will show the balance and validity of your current plan.

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How can I check my Airtel 1.5 GB data balance?

Dial *125*1541# to know the usage of 1 GB or 1.5 GB daily and the Pack validity expiry date.

How can I check my data usage on Airtel WiFi?

This is the user interface of Airtel 4G WiFi Dongle. Step 4: Here on the menu bar click on the Information tab. In the information screen, on the left panel click on Data Usage.

How do I check my data balance on Airtel modem?

Open the dongle software and enter the ussd code as follows, depending upon the type of your connection.

  1. 2G / GPRS / Edge internet data Balance and validity: *123*10# or *123*21#
  2. 3G internet Balance: *123*11#
  3. Airtel 4G LTE Net balance data usage: dial *121# and choose required option OR *123*9#

How can I check my data usage on Airtel thanks app?

To check whether you’ve received the feature, open the My Airtel app and scroll down to the bottom of the home page, where you can see a new ‘ Data Usage ‘ menu. Click on that, and you’ll be taken to the main screen of the new feature.

How can I get free data on Airtel?

How to get Airtel 10GB 4G Data for FREE:

  1. In your Dial pad, Dial – 5999555 (Toll Free ) – Free 10 GB. Other offers to get Free Airtel Free 4G Internet Data. Free 2 GB Airtel 4G Data – Missed Call on 52122.
  2. You will receive success message for ‘ Airtel 10GB Daily Free 4G Data for 28 Days’
  3. Check You Balance With My Airtel App.
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How much my data is left?

Check Android Phone Data Use To view your data usage, tap Settings > Data. You can Set mobile data limit on this screen. For more detail, tap Settings > Connections > Data usage. Swipe up to see how much data your apps use, ordered from most to least.

How do I check my remaining data on 3?

To check how much data you’ve got left, you can visit your My3 account on your computer or your phone. To check how much data you have if you don’t have the Three app:

  1. Type mobile. three.co.uk into your phone’s browser.
  2. Select My3 Account.
  3. Select Check allowance now.

How do I check my remaining data on EE?

To check your remaining allowances and credit, including minutes, texts and data, on your pay monthly, pay as you go or Flex plan account:

  1. log in to My EE.
  2. text BALANCE to 150 for free from your EE phone.

Is Airtel cheating with data?

I’ve been using airtel’s 2 Gb per day unlimited pack and i even had two 1 Gb airtel coupon which i used on the same day after my 2 Gb was 100% finished. Airtel cheating on its customers data usage.

Name of Complainant Suman Sharma
Category of complaint Internet Services
Permanent link of complaint Right click to copy link

How can I check how much data I use a day?

Checking how much data you’ve used on Android

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Connections.
  3. Tap Data Usage.

How much is unlimited data for Airtel?

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans The subscription code is *462*10#. Experience Unlimited Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy 1 applies after 40GB. Unlimited 15: This data plan costs 15,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days (1 month).

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