Quick Answer: How Much Is A Carton Of Fish In Nigeria 2018?

How much is carton of dry fish?

A jumbo-size carton of dried fish selling at between N60,000 and N70,000 as at last month, now sells for between N40,000 and N50,000.

How many pieces are in a Titus fish carton?

50 Pieces.

How many croaker fish is in a carton?

Frozen Croaker Fish – Half of a Carton (12 – 15 Pieces, About 10kg – Local Market)

How many kg is a carton of croaker fish?

Frozen Croaker Fish (One Carton, 20 kg, Cut)

How much is a bag of stock fish in Nigeria?

In Nigeria today, a bag of stockfish cut-cut can be bought for ₦80,000 to ₦90,000. Also, a bag of stockfish containing the heads and ears costs up to ₦70,000.

How much is a kilo of catfish in Nigeria?

The price of catfish depends on the kilo quantity (kg) you want to buy or on the size of the fish you want to buy. The price of 1kg of catfish in Nigeria starts from One Thousand two Hundred Naira (N1,200) to Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira (2,500).

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How do I know if my Titus fish is real?

1) The Head: The original Fish has a small head, smaller Eyeballs, with a long pointed snout compared to the other one. 3) Line Pattern: the Pattern of the Original Fish is wavy and comes with a very sharp, deep black stripes… Unlike the other one with pale dotted lines.

What is the English name for Kote fish?

Kote fish is also known as horse mackerel.

What is ice fish in Nigeria?

Frozen fish varieties include mackerel (locally called titus or alaran), herrings (locally called shawa), horse mackerel (locally called kote), blue whiting (locally called panla), Argentina silus (locally called ojuyobo) and the popular croaker fish.

How many pieces of chicken is in a carton?

A carton of Chicken is 10 kg and it has about 13 to 15 pieces of chicken laps.

How many pieces of Turkey is in a carton?

one containing 28-32 pieces; this carton has the biggest turkey size, they can each be cut into 3 sizeable chunks. one containing 46-50 pieces; this carton has pieces that can each be cut into 2 sizeable chunks.

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