Quick Answer: How Much Does A Medical Sales Rep Earn In Nigeria?

Do medical sales reps make a lot of money?

Medical equipment sales rep jobs will forever remain in high demand. In fact, according to Med Reps ‘ recent salary survey, the median total compensation for a medical sales rep is $149,544, with an average base salary of $92,698 and an average bonus of $63,318 in 2018.

How much commission do medical sales reps make?

Surgical devices come in at a close second for the highest-paying jobs in medical sales with an average total compensation of $163,654. Unlike biotech reps, surgical sales reps earn the majority of their pay in commission – an average of $94,783.

How much does a sales girl earn in Nigeria?

A person working as a Sales Representative in Nigeria typically earns around 217,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 99,700 NGN (lowest) to 344,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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What degree do you need to be a medical sales rep?

Medical sales representatives need at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, but most have bachelor’s degrees. A Master’s of Business Administration will make you an attractive candidate in this demanding and competitive field. Your major may determine what you specialize in.

Is medical sales a good career?

Medical sales is a thriving and exciting industry. And owing to continual progress in medical technology and a growing population’s increased demand for healthcare products, there is great job security in the field and a promising future for anyone with the passion and drive for medical sales success.

Do medical sales reps go into surgery?

Medical device reps are more often business majors than biology buffs, but they train for the job as if they might have to conduct surgery themselves.

What is the best medical device to sell?

Top Ten Selling Medical Devices

  • Medtronic.
  • Johnson & Johnson.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Philips Healthcare.
  • General Electric Healthcare.
  • Fresenius Medical Care.
  • Abbott Laboratories.
  • Becton Dickinson.

Do medical sales reps make more than doctors?

According to a recent survey conducted by MedReps.com, medical sales professionals earn an average total compensation of $136,819. The survey shows that the wage gap still exists in medical sales, with men earning on average 15% more than women.

How many hours do medical sales reps work?

However, medical device sales representatives have poor work -life balance with extensive travel to meet with clients. The majority works beyond 40 hours per week in a stressful, high-pressure environment where satisfying quotas is paramount.

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How much do advertisers make in Nigeria?

Salaries in the category: Marketing, Advertising, PR. The salary range for people working in Nigeria in Marketing, Advertising, PR is typically from 78,037 NGN (minimum salary) to 253,261 NGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses.

How much does a real estate marketer earn in Nigeria?

A person working as a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria typically earns around 294,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 144,000 NGN (lowest) to 459,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much does a bank marketer earn?

After 10 years of experience, bank marketing officers earned $73,000 annually, based on 2014 data from Indeed. In comparison, loan officers earned average salaries of $70,350 as of May 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Do pharmaceutical reps sleep with doctors?

Sales reps at Pfizer are using a CafePharma bulletin board to discuss whether it is common for their colleagues to sleep with the doctors whom they are trying to persuade to write prescriptions. Most commenters seem to agree that sex with doctors is going on more inside people’s heads than in reality.

How do I break into medical sales?

7 ways to break into medical device sales

  1. Marketing internship. If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, consider our Marketing internships.
  2. Sales Operations Rotational Program.
  3. Associate-level roles.
  4. Leadership skills.
  5. Sales experience in any industry.
  6. Proven sales success.
  7. Build relationships.

How can I get into medical sales with no experience?

How to Get a Job in Medical Sales Without Experience

  1. Develop a resume that highlights or bullets your sales accomplishments.
  2. Use keywords in your resume, such as medical products, medical devices and pharmaceutical.
  3. Network with those you know within your desired industry.
  4. Target your applications.
  5. Don’t give up.

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