Quick Answer: How Many Times Has Nigeria Won The Under 17 World Cup?

When did Nigeria win Under 17 World Cup?

The FIFA U – 17 World Cup UAE 2013 proved to be a joyous celebration of football, featuring exciting matches and stunning results. In the end, it was the young Nigerians who claimed the trophy by overcoming Mexico in the final.

How many times has Nigeria won the Under 20 World Cup?

The team as won a record seven Africa U – 20 Cup of Nations titles and are also two- times runners-up of the FIFA U – 20 World Cup. Nigeria national under – 20 football team.

FIFA U – 20 World Cup
Best result Champions (1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 2005, 2011, 2015)
WAFU Zone B U – 20 Tournament
Appearances 2 (first in 2018)


Who has won the most u17 World Cup?

FIFA U-17 World Cup

Founded 1985
Number of teams 24 (finals)
Current champions Brazil (4th title)
Most successful team(s) Nigeria (5 titles)
Website www.fifa.com/u17worldcup/
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Did Nigeria under 17 qualify?

The top four teams of the tournament would have normally qualified for the 2021 FIFA U – 17 World Cup in Peru as the CAF representatives. Qualified teams.

Team Nigeria
Zone West B Zone
Appearance 10th
Previous best performance Champions (2001, 2007)


How can I join Nigeria under 17?

First, you must be under 17 years of age and have a legally certified birth certificate, affidavit (Age declaration) or a valid International Passport as your evidence. Later on, before Fifa U17 world cup, selected players may be subjected to MIR test to prove their real age.

Which country has won the Under 20 World Cup most?

FIFA U-20 World Cup

Founded 1977
Region International (FIFA)
Number of teams 24 (finals)
Current champions Ukraine (1st title)
Most successful team(s) Argentina (6 titles)

Has Nigeria ever won a World Cup?

Governed by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), they are three-time Africa Cup of Nations winners, with their most recent title in 2013. Nigeria national football team.

FIFA ranking
Gold Coast and British Togoland 7–0 Nigeria (Accra, Gold Coast; 1 June 1955)
World Cup
Appearances 6 (first in 1994)
Best result Round of 16 (1994, 1998, 2014)


Is there a u15 World Cup?

The following is a list of world cups and world championships for juniors and youth, sporting events which use one of these two names, or a name with a similar meaning. Men.

Competition name 15U Baseball World Cup
Competing entities Nations
Age groups 15 or younger
First held 1989
Current holder United States (2018)
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When did Ghana win Under 17 World Cup?

The Ghana national U – 17 football team known as the Black Starlets, is the youngest team that represents Ghana in football. They are two-time FIFA U – 17 World Cup Champions in 1991 and 1995 and a two-time Runner-up in 1993 and 1997.

When did England win the Under 17 World Cup?

Following on from the likes of Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Geoff Hurst in 1966, England’s U17 side led by Steve Cooper triumphed at the World Cup in India in 2017.

Which country will host the next Under 17 FIFA Women’s World Cup and in 2021?

On 17 November 2020, FIFA announced that the 2020 edition of the tournament would be cancelled. Instead, India were appointed as hosts of the next edition of the tournament in 2022. 2021 FIFA U – 17 Women’s World Cup.

Tournament details
Host country India
Dates Cancelled
Teams 16 (from 6 confederations)
Venue(s) 5 (in 5 host cities)

Which country hosted the FIFA Under 17 U-17 World Cup in 2017?

The largest country in the subcontinent is about to throw open its arms to the footballing fraternity at large come 6 October as India host the 2017 FIFA U – 17 World Cup.

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