Question: Where Is Tiv Located In Nigeria?

Where is Tiv located?

Tiv, people living on both sides of the Benue River in Nigeria; they speak a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo family.

Which tribe is Tiv in Nigeria?

Tiv (or Tiiv) are a Tivoid ethnic group. They constitute approximately 5% of Nigeria ‘s total population, and number over 14 million individuals throughout Nigeria and Cameroon. The Tiv language is spoken by about 15 million people in Nigeria with a few speakers in Cameroon.

Where did Tiv tribe originated from?

According to a Nigerian Professor of Government at the University of Texas, who specializes in Nigeria, the Tiv tribe originally was located in Benue-Plateau State, which was subsequently divided into the states of Benue and Plateau (9 Feb. 1993).

What language do Tiv speak?

The majority are threatened with extinction. The largest of these languages by far is the Tiv language for which the group is named; it had 2 million speakers in 1991. The second largest is the Bitare language; it had 110,000 speakers in 2000. Tivoid languages.

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Glottolog tivo1239

What is God called in Tiv?

TIV RELIGION. The Tiv, who live in the central Benue valley of Nigeria, have a name for God, Aondo (sky), but are not much interested in him because they say that he is not much interested in them. God, in their view, created the earth and everything within it—including the forces of evil.

How do you say hello in Tiv language?

Tiv Greetings. “ Hi ” “Msugh” Fun Fact: Msugh means, Hi, sorry, thank you, welcome and lot’s more in Tiv.

What is the full meaning of Tiv?

Total Insurable Value. TIV. Technicien en Inspection Visuelle (French: Visual Inspection Technician)

Who is the traditional leader of Tiv?

Tor Tiv also known as Begha U Tiv (Lion of Tiv people) is the supreme traditional ruler of the Tiv people.

Who is the first professor in Tiv nation?

As Tor Tiv V, Ayatse is also the first Tiv man to ever rule his subjects as a Professor. James Ayatse.

His Royal Majesty, Orcivirigh Professor James Ortese Ayatse Tor Tiv V
Born James Ortese Iorzua Ayatse 12 May 1956 Kwande, Benue State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian


Who is the first king in Tiv land?

When the colonial masters came to Nigeria, the Tiv was then divided into Communities in 1934. They appointed native heads of these communities. Makere Dzakpe was appointed as the Tor Tiv in 1946, to look over the communities as the first class “traditional ruler ” to speak for the Tiv people.

Is Igbo a Bantu language?

No, Igbos are not Bantu. Igbo is classified under the Volta-Niger/West Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo family, of which, Igbo’s closest major relatives are, for example, Yoruba and Edo.

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Which language family does Igbo belong to?

Igbo is classified in the Kwa Subgroup of the Niger-Congo Language Family, which is spoken in West Africa.

Is TIV a Bantu language?

Abraham (1933), who has made the most complete linguistic study of Tiv, classifies it as Bantu, stating that its vocabulary is more similar to the East African Nyanza group of Bantu languages than to Ekoi or other neighbouring languages. Malherbe (1933) agrees with Abraham that Tiv is essentially Bantu.

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