Question: How To Generate Tin Number In Nigeria?

How can I get my tin number online in Nigeria?

On the other hand, non individuals can register for their TIN online by visiting https:// Note that before you can request for a TIN number as a corporate body, your business has to be registered with corporate affairs commission (CAC).

How much is tax identification number in Nigeria?

How much does it cost? Applying for your TIN IS FREE if you do it yourself. You do not have to pay any fees to obtain it, and you do not need to employ someone to apply on your behalf. However, most people decide to engage the services of 3rd parties to assist them in obtaining it.

How do I register for TIN online?

Single proprietors and professionals may apply for an e- TIN by going to He or she must have a unique and valid email address, as this is where the TIN and other instructions on taxpayer’s registration will be sent.

How do individuals register for tin?

To obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number ( TIN) as an Individual include:

  1. Duly completed TIN Application Form.
  2. Form of identification – National Driver’s License, International Passport, National Identity Card, Official (Staff) ID card, Certified copy of your full birth certificate.
  3. Utility bill.
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Can I get a TIN number online?

Can I apply for TIN online?” The short answer to that is yes you can. However, there is something you need to know first. Before proceeding further, let me reiterate that this is for application of TIN for employees — meaning those who go work for a company — not if you are doing business as yourself (aka freelancer).

How do I get a tin?

You can use the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant tool to help determine if you should file an application to receive an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). To obtain an ITIN, you must complete IRS Form W-7, IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

What does a TIN number look like?

Types of Tax Identification Numbers ( TIN ) These numbers are formatted as XXX-XX-XXXX. The SSN is required to secure legal employment in the U.S. and to receive social security benefits and other government services.

How many digit is tin number in Nigeria?

The TIN is a 14- digit number assigned to all taxpayers by the FIRS. In 2011, the Central Bank of Nigeria issued a directive mandating businesses to provide their TIN to open or continue to operate a corporate bank account. This made TIN an important part of the company registration.

How do I find my firs tin number?

Registered businesses can check or verify their TIN via http://apps. Visit the address and type in the RC Number / BN Number. The search result will show the corresponding business name, TIN, and Tax office.

Can I get TIN number without a job?

A TIN is not only for those employed individuals or people generating monthly salary. Anyone can apply for a TIN including students, unemployed individuals, or housewives. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 98, TIN ID should be issued even to non-paying individuals as they can use the ID for any government transactions.

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How do I verify a TIN number?

Other Ways to Recover Your Lost or Forgotten TIN Number.

  1. Check your TIN card, company ID, ITR, or other documents. The first thing to check when you can’t recall your TIN is your TIN card that bears this number.
  2. Verify with your employer.
  3. Call the BIR hotlines.
  4. Send an email inquiry to the BIR.
  5. Visit the BIR RDO.

What is the difference between firs tin and JTB tin?

Is there a difference between JTB and FIRS TIN? The Joint Tax Board ( JTB ) TIN is a 10-digit tax identifier which is designed to replace the FIRS TIN. It is uniform, unique and not limited to only FIRS taxpayers.

How do I find a company TIN number?

Use one of the following options to find another business’s federal tax ID number:

  1. Ask the company. Someone in the payroll or accounting department should know the company’s tax ID.
  2. Search SEC filings. Source:
  3. Get the company’s business credit report.
  4. Use a paid EIN database.
  5. Use Melissa Database for nonprofits.

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