Question: How To Check Dstv Account Balance In Nigeria?

How do I check my balance on DStv Nigeria?

How to Check DStv balance in Nigeria using SMS

  1. On your mobile phone, compose a message containing “DD Smart Card Number” and send it to 30333.
  2. Confirm your operation when the network prompts you to do so.
  3. Wait for the network to send you a message containing your current subscription due date.

How do I check my DStv balance?

My DStv Subscription

  1. View your account balance by logging into Self Service or using our mobile app.
  2. Dial *120*68584# and follow the prompts.
  3. Call us on 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222 without having to speak to an agent.

How do I check my DStv balance via SMS?

You can check your balance using your mobile phone, just sms the word Bal leave single space, enter your smartcard number(10 digits) and then send to 22788. You can also do the same to check exchange rate, due date and resetting your account (ex, Due, reset).

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How do I get my DStv account details?

If you want to get your Dstv account number, it is very simple. Kindly login to your Dstv account visa, the Dstv self-service portal. Once you are logged into your Dstv account, click on “ My account.” Your account details will be revealed, and your account number will display as a customer number.

How much is DSTV decoder 2019 Nigeria?

The price of dstv hd decoder with full installation kit and 1 month confam package is 9,900 Naira while explora decoder cost 66,750 Naira in Nigeria. Installation fee is 5000 Naira for the HD and 10,000 Naira for explora.

How much is DSTV in Nigeria?

DSTV Installation Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 18,600 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

How can I check my balance online?

You can check your account balance on a mobile app by downloading it from your Android or Apple app store. Then, log in or set up an account for online banking the same as you would on a computer.

How do I check my DStv account online?

From your DStv dashboard Click the “ My Account ” tab from the top menu ( 2nd menu from the top ).

  1. Choose “ View My Balance ” from the drop down menu.
  2. You will be redirected to view your balance where you can choose an option for how to pay DSTV.

Which bank does Multichoice use?

DStv – Cellphone Banking – FNB.

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How do I know if my DStv is active?

Sign into the DStv easy service with your smart card number and phone number or name. Click on “Account” once you are signed in. You will see your DStv subscription due date and your account balance.

How do I check my DStv expiry date?

You can now check your DSTV subscription expiry date via SMS from any network. To check the expiry date, simply text DUE with your DSTV smartcard number to 30333. That is, text DUE [space] SMARTCARD NUMBER to 30333.

How can I use DStv without paying?

How to sign up for DStv Now free service:

  1. Go to now. and click on Sign Up.
  2. Fill in your details and click Create An Account.
  3. Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number.
  4. If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.
  5. Name your profile and set your profile pic.
  6. Start watching.

How do I change my DStv account details?

How do I update sign In details? A customer can sign into the DStv website https://connect. and select “ Update Sign in Details ” to update their details.

What is Multichoice account number?

Account number:170000072. Branch code: 632005. Reference number: Your Multichoice customer number. OR ATM TRANSFER: Consult your Bank to setup this option.Once Multichoice is setup as a beneficiary,you can transfer funds from the ATM directly to our bank account.

How do I activate my DStv Online?

How To Activate & Create Account For Your New DStv Decoder

  1. Make sure you have checked your DStv smart card or IUC number.
  2. Write down the decoder serial number.
  3. Now, switch on your DStv decoder.
  4. Scan your DStv decoder to get all the channels.
  5. After scanning your DStv Digibox, you will see channel 100 working.

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