Question: How To Calculate Minimum Wage In Nigeria?

How is Nigeria minimum wage calculated?

National minimum wage in Nigeria is determined by the Government. Generally, the wage rate is determined by the applicable collective agreement or the agreement between the worker and the employer. There is no preset criterion to determine the minimum wage.

What is the formula for calculating minimum wage?

For instance the current minimum wage rate for the Union Territory of Delhi can be reached here. In order to calculate the daily wage, monthly gross salary is divided by 30, as the weekly offs are taken as the pay leaves. (The salary is to be divided by 30, irrespective of the actual number of days in a month).

How much is minimum wage per hour in Nigeria?

N6,120 per hour: Nigeria’s monthly minimum wage earned in just 5 hours on duty in American company – even by unskilled staff.

How the wages are calculated?

Employee wages are calculated by dividing total tips by weeks worked, then dividing that total by hours worked to get the tip rate. The tip rate is then added to the hourly rate; the sum of these is the total wages earned and must be equal to or more than the minimum wage.

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What is the salary of level 8 in Nigeria?

As a level 8 police officer, your basic salary may vary per position and you are expected to earn a minimum of N128, 000 (for a step 1 level 8 staff). For a level 8 step 10 police officer (assistant superintendent), you can expect about N144, 000 per month.

How much is Level 9 salary in Nigeria?

The monthly income of Grade Level 9 workers is between 193,819 NGN and 289,324 NGN. On annual basis, their salary is between 2,325,828 NGN and 3,459,888 NGN.

How do countries determine minimum wage?

Minimum wages can vary by sector of employment, often in conjunction with collective bargaining to determine them. In countries with a minimum wage system, about half set the minimum at the national level, and half at the sectoral (or occupational) level [1].

How are wage adjustments calculated?


  1. First, multiply the percentage by the employee’s current annual wages: $50,000 X.04 = $2,000.
  2. Next, add the employee’s current annual salary to the raise amount: $50,000 + $2,000 = $52,000.
  3. Take the employee’s new annual salary and divide it by 26: $52,000 / 26 = $2,000.

What are the rules for payment of wages?

(1) Every person employed upon or in: Any railway, factory or industrial or other establishments upon or in which the total number of employed persons is less than one thousand, must receive his wages before the expiry of the seventh day from the last day of the wage period for which the wages are payable.

How much is the lowest salary in Nigeria?

Minimum Wage – Nigeria

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Per month
National Minimum Wage Minimum Wages – last checked – 4/19/19 NGN30,000.00

What is Nigeria basic salary?

Minimum Wages in Nigeria averaged 27000 NGN/Month from 2018 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 30000 NGN/Month in 2019 and a record low of 18000 NGN/Month in 2018.

How much is the new minimum wage in Nigeria?

President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 signed into law a bill to increase Nigeria’s monthly minimum wage to 30,000 naira ($79) from 18,000.

How is monthly salary calculated?

Calculating gross monthly income if you’re paid hourly First, to find your yearly pay, multiply your hourly wage by the number of hours you work each week and then multiply the total by 52. Now that you know your annual gross income, divide it by 12 to find the monthly amount.

What is the formula for overtime pay?

Overtime pay is calculated: Hourly pay rate x 1.5 x overtime hours worked. Here is an example of total pay for an employee who worked 42 hours in a workweek: Regular pay rate x 40 hours = Regular pay, plus. Regular pay rate x 1.5 x 2 hours = Overtime pay, equals.

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