Question: How Much Is Dstv Explora In Nigeria?

How much do you pay for DStv Explora per month?

The current price of the Compact package is R409 per month. You can also get the annual subscription, including DStv Explora, free delivery of equipment, and installation. DStv Compact price lock option also comes with 50% off your Showmax subscription.

How much is DStv decoder in Nigeria?

The price of dstv hd decoder with full installation kit and 1 month confam package is 9,900 Naira while explora decoder cost 66,750 Naira in Nigeria. Installation fee is 5000 Naira for the HD and 10,000 Naira for explora.

How much is an explora decoder?

The DStv Explora Ultra that costs R3 699 when it includes installation, will be pricier than the DStv Explora 3 that can be bought for R999 (or around R 1499 including installation).

How much do you pay for DStv Explora per month in Nigeria?

DsTv Explora Price in Nigeria 2021 Its current price is 66,750 Naira and it comes with all necessary accessories and compact package. Installation fee is 10,000 Naira.

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Do you pay extra for DStv Explora?

A payment of a monthly Access Fee and an active DStv subscription are required to experience the full Ultra experience (including a connection to an additional decoder in XtraView and access to streaming apps). An additional monthly Access Fee is required if you ‘d like to add a third decoder in XtraView.

How much is DStv smart LNB in Nigeria?

DStv Nigeria on Twitter: “@laynchap the Chord LNB is N5,000 while the LNB Cable is N2000 for 100 yards.

Can I watch DStv without paying?

Is DStv Now free and can I watch DStv without paying? Yes. The introduction of DStv Now, a free app for all subscribers, can help you watch several TV channels such as Channel O, M-Net, Mzansi Magic, and SuperSport live anywhere. It also grants every subscriber access to over 95+ audio channels.

How much is strong decoder in Nigeria?

The price of SRT 4955B on Jumia Nigeria is N15,000.

Do you need a new dish for DStv Explora?

Installation of the DStv Explora 2 requires an 80cm satellite dish together with a DStv Smart LNB (not included).

Can I watch Netflix on DStv Explora?

Once you’ve signed up for Netflix through a DStv Explora Ultra, you will be able to watch Netflix through your decoder – but you will now also be able to watch Netflix through a smartphone or laptop or other supported devices since the Netflix account belongs to you.

Can I trade in my old DStv decoder?

You will keep accessing DStv for as long as your older Single View decoder is still working. You can, however, trade-in your active Single View decoder at any of our service centres or agencies for a brand new DStv HD Decoder for only R349.

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How much is the lowest DStv subscription in Nigeria?

DStv Compact Package The DStv compact package is the lowest version for the DStv compact plus package mentioned above. If you want to go the plan, you’ll pay a monthly subscription price of N6,975.

Did DStv price increase in Nigeria?

DStv adjusts prices as Nigeria’s inflation rises The subscription fee for DStv Compact went up 13.3%, up ₦7,900 ($20.45) from N6,975 ($18.05) while the subscription fee for DStv Compact Plus increased by 9.8% from ₦10,925 ($28.27) to ₦12,000 ($31.06).

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