Question: How Much Is Ciroc In Nigeria?

How much is a bottle of Ciroc in Naira?

So what is the price of Ciroc? And how much does a carton of Ciroc vodka go for?

Product Size Carton Price (NGN)
Ciroc Blue 1 Litre 155,900
Ciroc Peach 1 Litre 93,560
Ciroc Coconut 1 Litre 93,560
Ciroc Pineapple 1 Litre 93,560

How much is the most expensive Ciroc?

Today, Cîroc offers an entire range of vodkas, from the classic Cîroc Premium Vodka—smooth and sleek—to the Cîroc Ten, the most expensive of the brand’s offerings, only available as a one-litre bottle and costing around $250.

How much is a mini Ciroc bottle?

Ciroc Vodka Under $10 (50ml)

Does Asda sell Ciroc vodka?

Paris 75002, France. At ASDA, we do everything we can to make sure the information about the products we sell is always as accurate as possible. Ciroc Vodka.

Alcohol By Volume 40
Tasting Notes Cîroc vodka has an exceptionally smooth and delicious citrus taste
Serving Suggestion Cîroc can be enjoyed in a Cîroc Blue Stone long drink
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Which is the most expensive vodka?

Billionaire Vodka – $7.25 million Owned by renowned designer Leon Verres, Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka brand in the world. As well as being produced with an original Russian recipe, the spirit is filtered with diamonds.

Which is the most expensive drink in the world?

The Insane Price Tags on the 6 Most Expensive Liquors in the World

  • The Macallan Select Reserve 1946: $46,000.
  • Tequila Ley.
  • Billionaire Vodka: $3.7 Million.
  • Goût de Diamants: $2.07 Million.
  • Macallan Imperiale “M”: $628,205.

Which is better GREY Goose or Ciroc?

This is actually not surprising because Ciroc is made from grapes. It has a light fruity aroma and flavor. Ciroc generally tastes smooth and sweet. Ciroc vs Grey Goose.

Ciroc Grey Goose
– Released in 2003 – Released in around 1996
– Smooth and sweet taste, doesn’t require a chaser – Smooth and bitter, doesn’t really need a chaser

Why is ciroc so expensive?

Ciroc is made from grapes, so it probably costs more like $2 US per quart to produce.

What are the top 5 vodkas?

With the help of our experts, below you’ll find a curated list of the best vodkas to get right now.

  • Best Overall: Hangar 1.
  • Best for Sipping: Absolut Elyx.
  • Best Flavored: Ketel One Cucumber & Mint.
  • Best for Bloody Marys: Hanson of Sonoma Habanero.
  • Best Polish: Belvedere Smogory Forest.
  • Best for Moscow Mules: Tito’s.

What are mini bottles of alcohol called?

Nip. The alcohol bottle size known as a nip is also called a mini and contains 50 ml of alcohol.

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Is ciroc a vodka?

CÎROC ™ Vodka. CÎROC is a truly modern vodka, inspired by more than a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. It is the fine French grapes and the fifth distillation that gives CÎROC a distinctive flavour with an exceptionally fresh, smooth and fruity taste.

What is the smallest bottle of Ciroc?

  • Home.
  • Liquor.
  • Vodka.
  • Ciroc ‘Peach’ Vodka 50ml.

Does Tesco sell Ciroc vodka?

Ciroc Vodka 70Cl – Tesco Groceries.

What is the cost of Ciroc vodka?

Ciroc Vodka Prices List

Type Size Price
Ciroc Vodka 375ml $17.99 – $18.99
750ml $26.99 – $29.99
1.75L $49.99 – $50.99
Ciroc Ten Vodka 1L $229.99 – $250.99


How much is Ciroc vodka UK?

Ciroc Vodka 0.7 L

RRP: £35.99
Price: £28.99 (£41.41 / l)
You Save: £7.00 (19%)

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