Question: How Much Is A Dollar In Nigeria?

How much is $100 US in Nigeria?

For one hundred dollars you get today 41,254 naira 00 kobo. USD to NGN Table.

$10 = ₦4,125.40
$20 = ₦8,250.80
$50 = ₦20,627
$100 = ₦41,254

How much is 1$ in Nigeria black market?

USD is being traded at ₦499 in Black Market (Lagos) today, Monday, June 14, 2021. USD to Naira ( Black Market ) rate.

USD to Naira Naira
1 USD ₦499:00
5 USD ₦2,495:00
10 USD ₦4,990:00
20 USD ₦9,980:00

Is $100 a lot of money in Nigeria?

Largely depends on who you ask. $100 is around 36,000 Naira which is twice our current official minimum monthly wage. To someone who earns minimum wage, which unfortunately is the bulk of the Nigerian populace, it is a lot of money.

How much is 1dollar to a Naira?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Nigerian Naira
1 USD 388.00000 NGN
5 USD 1940.00000 NGN
10 USD 3880.00000 NGN
20 USD 7760.00000 NGN
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Is iPhone 12 out in Nigeria?

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 2020 iPhones Lineup and 4 models were announced on October 13th 2020. The iPhone 12 Lineup price in Nigeria this Month are as follows, iPhone 12 Mini starts at ₦500,000, iPhone 12 costs ₦600,000 and iPhone 12 Pro starting price is ₦670,000.

What can I buy with $100 in Nigeria?

$100 is work 36,300 in Nigerian currency.

  • 10 bags of sachet water (pure water)
  • A bottle of water.
  • Transport fare over a short distance within a city.
  • Two beef roll snacks (gala)
  • Some really cheap biscuits.

How much is $500 US dollars in Nigeria?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Nigerian Naira
50 USD 19400.00000 NGN
100 USD 38800.00000 NGN
250 USD 97000.00000 NGN
500 USD 194000.00000 NGN

How much is $200 dollars in Nigeria money?

USD US Dollar to NGN Nigerian Naira Currency Rates Today: Monday, 14/06/2021

Date US Dollar Nigerian Naira
14/06/2021 200 USD = 82500.00 NGN
13/06/2021 200 USD = 82499.84 NGN
12/06/2021 200 USD = 82400.00 NGN
11/06/2021 200 USD = 82518.00 NGN

What is the highest currency in the world?

Kuwaiti Dinar or KWD has crowned the highest currency in the world. Dinars is the currency code of KWD. It is widely used in the Middle East for oil-based transactions.

Who is the richest kid in Nigeria 2021?

Summary of top 10 richest kids in Nigeria

Rank Name of Kid Net Worth(₦)
1 Mompha Junior 500 million
2 Ahmed Starboy 65 million
3 DJ Young Money 61 million
4 Emmanuella 60 million
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How much is a Coke in Nigeria?

Cost of living in Nigeria is, on average, 59.27% lower than in United States. Cost of Living in Nigeria.

Restaurants Edit
Coke /Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 129.72₦
Water (12 oz small bottle) 91.98₦
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 3,879.51₦


Is Nigeria a dangerous place?

Nigeria is currently a very dangerous destination for potential tourists. Governments in several countries have even issued warnings against traveling to this country, for reasons such as terrorism, kidnappings and other types of violent crime.

How much is dollar in Gtbank today?

Latest US Dollar to Naira GTBank exchange rate is ₦ 440 as of 11/06/2021 at location Online. Most recently updated GTBank exchange rate is Indian Rupee to Naira rate that is ₦ 6.15 as of 14/06/2021 at location Online. RUB to Naira GTBank Rates.

Date Location Rate
01/03/2021 Online ₦ 6.60

What is 1million naira in dollars?

Convert Nigerian Nairas (NGN) to US Dollars (USD)

Convert To Explain
100 NGN USD 100 Nigerian Nairas = 0.24237 US Dollars as of 6/15/2021
10,000 NGN USD 10,000 Nigerian Nairas = 24.2367 US Dollars as of 6/15/2021
1,000,000 NGN USD 1,000,000 Nigerian Nairas = 2,423.67 US Dollars as of 6/15/2021

How can I make money online in Nigeria?

How can I make money online in Nigeria fast?

  1. Trading bitcoin.
  2. Offering feedback on websites and apps.
  3. Taking online surveys and watching videos.
  4. Playing trending video games.
  5. Searching online for your next purchase.
  6. Teaching English online.
  7. Translating materials.
  8. Working freelance in, literally, every expertise.

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