Question: How Is Tenement Rate Calculated In Nigeria?

What is Nigerian tenement rate?

Tenement Rates (“TR”), on the other hand, are property taxes paid by owners or occupiers of tenements as part of Internally Generated Revenues (“IGR”) to Local Government or Area Councils within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Who is responsible for paying tenement rate?

The landlord is the person that is expected to pay the tenement rate to the local government council or the occupier. The term the occupier may also refer to the landlord where he is also the occupant of the building and has not let or leased same out or sadly, the tenant in occupation.

Is land use charge same as tenement rate?

Land Use Charge combines all property and land -based rates and charges payable under Lands Rates, Neighborhood Improvement Charge, and Tenement Rates Laws of Lagos State. Two years ago, LASG increased the LUC rate and the basis for valuing a property.

Who collects tenement rate in Nigeria?

Under the 1999 Constitution of the Fed- eral Republic of Nigeria (as amended), the powers to collect tenement rates is vested in Local Government Areas and Area Councils in the FCT under Para- graphs 1 (j) of the Fourth Schedule.

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How much is development levy in Nigeria?

(ii) N1,000 per annum for renewal of registration. 1. Development levy (individuals Only) not more than N 100 per annum on all taxable individuals.

What is tenement rate?

Tenement Rate is a tax imposed on OCCUPIERS of DEVELOPED PROPERTIES within a locality by the Local Government Authority. In other words, it is a tax that the Local Government Authorities charge on properties that are developed and occupied within their respective domain.

Who pays ground rent in Nigeria?

GROUND RENT is a tax charged and collected by a State Government on a land (both developed or undeveloped) that was granted by the state government. It is to be paid by a land holder within a given period.

What is the meaning of land use charge?

Land Use Charge is a consolidation of all land based rates and charges payable in Edo State. It consists of property Tax, Tenement Rate and Ground Rent.

Who pays land use charge in Lagos landlord or tenant?

The LUC Law provides that ‘owners or occupiers of a lease’ are liable to pay Land Use Charge. The law also identifies both occupiers of leases of less than 10 years and occupiers of leases of 10 years or more as liable to pay Land Use Charge.

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