Often asked: Where Is Fedex Office In Lagos Nigeria?

Does FedEx deliver within Nigeria?

FedEx is the most reliable courier and shipping Service Company in the world. FedEx makes its delivery to Nigeria through air, sea, and land.

How do I contact FedEx Lagos?

Call Customer Service at Tel: +234 12715670 (Ext: 1297) to get a shipping quote and transit times.

Does FedEx work on Saturday in Nigeria?

FedEx Saturday Services You can now pick up or drop off your shipments at our main office in Lagos. We also deliver on Saturdays.

How does FedEx work in Nigeria?

When shipping to Nigeria, clearance through Customs depends on whether you’re shipping: Documents with no commercial value. Customs duty is based on the value of the shipment and the commodity shipped. FedEx will charge the recipient all duties and taxes, including 5% VAT, which must be paid before delivery.

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What is the cheapest way to send a package to Nigeria?

The cheapest way to ship to Nigeria involves the courier with the best rates for your specific shipment. All major US couriers ship to Nigeria. The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria: UPS Vs USPS vs FedEx vs DHL.

Service Transit Time Estimated Cost
USPS Priority Mail International 8 working days $59.20

How much does it cost to send a package to Nigeria?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Nigeria

Weight not over (lbs.) Parcel Post Rate
1 $16.75
2 19.50
3 22.65
4 25.30


How much does it cost to send a laptop by FedEx?

FedEx offers a few ways for you to ship your laptop as well. You could opt for one of their standard boxes. We chose the small rectangular box which will fit laptops up to 17.3 inches and costs $4.99. 5 business day shipping (or standard ground service) alone will cost $41.18, not including packaging.

How can I talk to FedEx customer service?

1.800. GoFedEx 1.800. 463.3339 (When prompted, please say “International Services.”)

How much is FedEx delivery fee?

Estimated FedEx One Rate prices by package type and delivery time

Delivery commitment5 3rd day by 4:30 p.m.6 2nd day by 10:30 a.m.
FedEx ® Pak $9.20 $28.10
FedEx ® Small Box $9.95 $29.30
FedEx ® Medium Box $12.95 $29.95
FedEx ® Large Box $20.00 $31.15

Does UPS work on Saturdays in Nigeria?

For time-critical shipments, UPS offers the convenience of Saturday Delivery.

Is FedEx cheaper than DHL?

Shipping Rates: Although DHL and FedEx both charge higher rates for same-day delivery services, DHL rates are typically cheaper for domestic shipments, ultimately. Both DHL and FedEx also offer flat rate insurance options for packages valued at $100 to $300.

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How much does DHL charge per kg from Nigeria to USA?

They also provide a door-to-door delivery and ensure all packages are signed on-delivery to make sure your parcel is in safe hands. Their price ranges from $0.50 per kg to a minimum charge of $50.00 depending on the size, weight, and delivery time of each shipment. How to ship with DHL: Prepare your parcel.

How do I clear my Nigeria Ports?

To receive clearance for goods imported into Nigeria, traders must present a Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice Exit Note, duly completed Form ‘M’, Packing list, Single Goods Declaration, and a Product Certificate.

Does DHL deliver to Nigeria?

The connection between DHL and Nigeria stretches far back to 1978 when the country became the first territory in Africa to open up to DHL. Our fast and secure delivery service means your parcel delivery to Nigeria is made in good time. Sending a parcel with DHL couldn’t be simpler.

Do you have to pay customs on FedEx?

FedEx Express pays the duties and taxes owed to the Canada Border Services Agency on your behalf and charges the Disbursement Fee for this service. The fee is based on the total amount of the duties and taxes advanced, and will be billed to the party designated to pay the duties and taxes.

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