Often asked: What Is Nigeria Country Code?

What is Nigeria country code and area code?

The Nigeria country code 234 will allow you to call Nigeria from another country. Nigeria telephone code 234 is dialed after the IDD. Nigeria international dialing 234 is followed by an area code. 80.3°F.

City Dial Codes
Lagos +234-1
Lokoja +234-58
Maiduguri +234-76
Makurdi +234-44


How do I write my phone number with country code in Nigeria?

International phone number Nigeria: +234

  1. IDD. 009.
  2. ISO code 2: NG.
  3. ISO code 3: NGA.

How do you use +234?

From a mobile phone in Nigeria, dial 01-XXXXXXX. From overseas, dial the international call prefix (00/+), the country code for Nigeria ( 234 ), the area code without the 0, then the subscriber number e.g. 00- 234 -1-XXXXXXX or + 234 -1-XXXXXXX.

Which country code is 234?

Nigeria Country Code 234 – Worldometer.

Which country code is 44?

Current Country List (Ordered by Country Code)

# Country Name
43 Norway (+47)
44 Poland (+48)
45 Germany (+49)
46 Peru (+51)


How is country code?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
93 HONG KONG 852
95 ICELAND 354
96 INDIA 91
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What is my area code in Nigeria?

234 – the Nigeria country code.

How do I write my phone number with country code?

To format phone numbers in the US, Canada, and other NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries, enclose the area code in parentheses followed by a space, and then hyphenate the three-digit exchange code with the four-digit number.

How do I write my number with country code?

The UK mobile phone number ‘07911 123456’ in international format is ‘+44 7911 123456’, so without the first zero. To use the previous example:

  1. Country code: +44.
  2. National destination code: 7911.
  3. Subscriber number: 123456.
  4. The result: +447911123456.

Is Nigeria a safe country?

There is a high level of crime throughout Nigeria, including armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, home invasions, carjacking and violent assault. Criminal activity is high in urban areas, including the city of Lagos, as well as on the northern border with Niger and Chad.

Which country is 91 code?

91 Country Code – India Phone Code.

Where is Nigeria country?

Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa.

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