Often asked: How To Register Toefl In Nigeria?

How much does it cost to register for Toefl in Nigeria?


Description Fee
Exam Registration Click to register for the Toefl exam N80,000 + TOEFL Official Guide (E-Book)
Training Registration Click to Register for the Toefl Training Program N30,000 4 Weeks (Weekdays) or 6 Weeks (Weekends)
Admission Registration Click to Register


Is Toefl taken in Nigeria?

There are few authorized TOEFL test centers currently administering the TOEFL iBT test in Nigeria. Because of the high demand for the test, seats get quickly filled up, so students are encouraged to register well ahead of time in order to get their preferred test dates and locations.

How much does Toefl registration cost?

TOEFL 2021: TOEFL Exam Key Highlights

Exam Name TOEFL
Generally accepted by Universities in the USA and Canada
Mode of exam Internet-based and Paper-based
TOEFL iBT fee US$185
TOEFL Paper-based test fee US$180


How much is Toefl exam in Naira?

Hotline: 07067445193

Examination / Test Registration Fee
TOEFL (Regular Registration) N80,000.00 N100,200.00 [-20%]
GRE (Regular Registration) N90,000.00 N120,200.00 [-25%]
GRE Subject Test N120,000.00
GMAT N120,000.00
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Is Toefl easier than ielts?

While both IELTS and TOEFL require basic preparation at the least, many takers felt that to prepare for TOEFL was harder. Also, the reading section in IELTS is considered much easier when compared to that of TOEFL’s. So, you’ll need to prepare for TOEFL harder, as far as reading section is considered.

Where can I write Toefl in Nigeria?

Register for TOEFL @ Examplanet Nigeria The Training / Tutorials for the TOEFL test is regularly administered by Examplanet Nigeria at their centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Lekki and P/Harcourt.

Is Toefl hard?

It’s “how difficult is the exam?” It is no difference with the TOEFL. Before taking the test, many test takers wonder about the difficulty level of the TOEFL. TOEFL is a language test and real research has proved that it is very difficult to scientifically determine the difficulty level of a language.

What is the syllabus for Toefl exam?

TOEFL Exam Pattern and Syllabus There are 4 sections which are Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking sections. The Reading section consists of 30 to 40 questions that need to be completed in 54 to 72 minutes. The Listening task consists of 28 to 38 questions which need to be completed in 41 to 57 minutes.

Can Toefl be taken at home?

If you have a Windows desktop or laptop, can install the ETS Test Browser and are able to add the ProctorU extension to your browser, you can take the TOEFL at home. While the ETS Test Browser is where you’ll be giving your exam, ProctorU will be used by your proctor to monitor you during the test.

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Can I take Toefl test online?

The TOEFL iBT ® Home Edition is a safe and convenient option for students who prefer to take their test at home rather than a test center. identical in content, format and on-screen experience to a test taken at a test center. taken on your own computer at home and monitored by a human proctor online through ProctorU.

Can I register for Toefl without passport?

You must present a valid passport with your name, photograph and signature as your primary ID. There are no exceptions to this policy. All ID documents must include your name, photograph and signature to be acceptable.

What is the eligibility for Toefl exam?

Generally, a person who has passed in 10+2 level of education from any recognised institution is an acceptable qualification for TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. In other words, a candidate should have passed from the high school or equivalent to appear for TOEFL test.

How much is Toefl in Philippines?

The TOEFL fee for test-takers is the same all over the Philippines and is currently $215 (US dollars).

How many times is Toefl written in a year?

TOEFL 2021 – Synopsis

Name of the exam Test of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL )
Frequency of exam The exam is conducted more than 60 times a year at designated test centres across the world.
Contact details Phone: +1-609-771-7100 or 1-877-863-3546 Fax: +1-610-290-8972


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