Often asked: How To Check Registered Pharmacist In Nigeria?

How many registered pharmacies are there in Nigeria?

Results. There are 21,892 registered pharmacists in Nigeria, however, the data suggest that only 12,807 (58.5%) are in active professional practice as indicated by the number of licensed pharmacists in 2016.

How do I get a pharmacy license in Nigeria?

Procedures for registration of premises

  1. Application for registration of new premises.
  2. Completed forms B and J.
  3. Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Memorandum and Article of Association.
  5. Certified True Copy of Form Co7 showing the name of the Pharmacist Director.
  6. Appropriate fee in bank draft.
  7. Inspection report (From DPS or PIC)

Can a pharmacy be registered as a business name in Nigeria?

The first step to opening a pharmacy store is to register the name of the pharmacy with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). These are brand names because you can not have any other registered pharmacy with any of those names.

Who is the head of PCN?


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Can a doctor own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

“The answer is capital NO. No registered nurse, pharmacy technician, medical doctor or even a CHEW can open a pharmacy in Nigeria according to law.

Is pharmacy a good course in Nigeria?

Pharmacy is one of the most sought-after courses in Nigerian universities.

Who can own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

Also, only trained & certified pharmacists have the legal right to set up a pharmacy in Nigeria. If you have the capital and want to venture into this business, you would have to employ a qualified pharmacist or go into partnership with one.

How much is Nigerian pharmacy license?

Licensing Fees

Category Licence Fee
Free 40 years Post registration and above
N4,500 15 – 39 Years Post Registration
N3,000 10 – 14 Years Post Registration
N1,500 9 Years Post Registration

Where can a pharmacist work in Nigeria?

Careers Opportunity In Nigeria For Pharmacy

  • Community Pharmacy (Retail): They work in the chain or personal stores.
  • Clinical/Hospital Pharmacist: They are found in health centres such as hospital, clinics and other health care settings.

Can a nurse open a pharmacy?

Answer: Typically the scope of practice laws governing registered nurses permit registered nurses to dispense medications as part of their duties, but not as their sole duties, and do not permit nurses to open a pharmacy.

Can a pharmacist open more than one pharmacy?

Response: One Pharmacist can open only one Chemist Shop. You can ‘t open multiple medical store on the basis of your license.

Can a nurse own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

A nursing degree can also be used to pursue roles in other professions, including fields such as the social sciences. You can own your pharmacy store without having to worry about all the processes involved from Business registration to daily operations IN NIGERIA.

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Whats is PCN?

COMMUNICATIONS. abbreviation for personal communications network: a system for connecting mobile phones: PCN network/system Subscriber levels for the company’s digital PCN network have risen to over 448,000 during the last month.

What is the function of PCN?

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria ( PCN ) is a Federal Government Agency of Nigeria, established by Decree 91 of 1992 (now Act 91 of 1992)—due to transfer of power from military to civilian in 1999—to regulate and control the practice of pharmacy in Nigeria.

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