Often asked: How Much Is Bag Of Rice In Nigeria?

How much is a trailer load of rice in Nigeria?

A trailer load of rice contains 600 bags of Rice with each bag valued at N16,000 which is the wholesale price.

Why is Nigerian rice expensive?

It involves changing harvested paddy into edible rice. Nigeria’s rice processing techniques are inefficient. This has resulted in processed rice that’s too expensive and of a lower quality than rice from other countries like China, Vietnam and India.

What is the market price for rice?


Name Price Unit
Rice 12.46 USD per cwt.
Soybean Meal 375.50 USD per Ton
Soybeans 14.78 USD per Bushel
Soybean Oil 0.66 USD per lb.


How many cups are in a bag of rice in Nigeria?

The number of cups in a 1kg bag of rice is 2 to 3 cups of rice. it varies. If you are going to cook half bag of jollof rice or buying ingredients for half bag of rice then slash the measurements into two.

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How many 50kg bags of rice are in a 20 foot container?

Rice is not always sold/transported in bulk in those standard 20 ′ containers but bagged first. E.g. in 25 kg bags about 860 bags fill 1 container = net 21500 kg of rice / 20 ′ container.

Is Rice business profitable in Nigeria?

Rice is the most consumed staple food in the world and in Nigeria it is a must eat in most families. Rice business is a very lucrative business to engage in. Many wholesale rice distributors are now making millions and smiling to the bank.

How long does it take rice to grow in Nigeria?

Every household in Nigeria consumes rice and the demand for this product will only grow up high! Yields early. Many crops need from six months to one year to be ready for harvest. At the same time, rice needs only four-five months to be ready.

Why is food expensive in Nigeria?

Prices of food items have skyrocketed by as much as 30 per cent in many parts of Nigeria in the last one year. This increase is largely caused by border closures, COVID-19 containment measures, and insecurity, checks by PREMIUM TIMES have shown.

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria 2021?

Market insights

Items Brand MILE 12 (7/1/ 2021 )
Bag of Rice Royal Stallion 24000
Bag of Rice Rice Master 4300
Bag of Rice Mama Gold 26000
Bag of Rice Caprice 25000


What is the cheapest type of rice?

Rice: It’s Way More Complicated Than You Think

  • White Rice — 2-7 cents per ounce. kazoka30/Getty Images.
  • Brown Rice — 4-8 cents per ounce. Brown rice is just white rice with all its clothes on.
  • Jasmine Rice — 7-10 cents per ounce.
  • Basmati Rice — 13-30+ cents per ounce.
  • Wild Rice — 43+ cents per ounce.
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What is the price of rice in 2020?

Find below price of Basmati Rice and Hybrid Basmati Rice Varieties

Commodity State Price (Per Quintal)
Pusa Basmati Raw Rice Madhya Pradesh INR 4500
Sugandha Sella Rice Delhi, Haryana INR 4250
Sugandha Steam Rice Delhi, Haryana INR 4900
Sharbati Sella Rice Delhi, Haryana, UP INR 3700


How much does rice cost per ton?

In 2019, one metric ton of U.S. California Medium Grain rice had an average export price of 850 U.S. dollars.

How many cups of rice are in a bag?

How many servings are there in one bag of Success Rice?

Product Servings/ Bag Yield ( Cups Cooked Rice )
White Rice (3.5oz) 1.7 ~ 2 Cups
White Rice (Family Size 5.3 oz) 2.6 ~ 3 Cups
Brown Rice (3.5 oz) 2.0 ~ 2 Cups
Brown Rice (Family Size 5.3oz) 3.0 ~ 3 Cups

How many cups of rice is in 1 kg?

In terms of uncooked rice, cups can accomodate 200gms rice and hence we will get about 5 cups for 1 kg of rice. Its totally depends upon size of the cup. But ideal volume of a cup is 200 grams i.e. 5 cups will amounts to 1 k.g.

How many persons can half bag of rice feed?

25kg (that is, half bag of rice ) feeds 150 people (if served with moin moin and/ or salad)

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