Often asked: How Much Is A Bag Of Rice In Nigeria 2016?

How much is Nigeria rice per bag?

Prices of Different Bag of Rice in Nigeria 2021 Mama Gold rice is available in different markets in the country, and it comes in various sizes. The size of the rice determines the price, and they are listed below: Mama Gold 50kg bag of Rice – ₦25,000 to ₦32,000. 25kg Mama Gold Rice – ₦15,500 to ₦17000.

How much is a bag of rice in daleko market?

Market insights

Items Brand DALEKO (17/12/2020)
Bag of Rice Rice Master 5000
Bag of Rice Mama Gold 25500
Bag of Rice Caprice 25500
Bag of Rice Mama’s Pride 25000


How much is 1kg of rice in Nigeria?

Conversion rate: One U.S dollar is 381.2 Nigerian naira. Average prices of selected food products in Nigeria as of February 2021 (in Naira)

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Characteristic Prices in Nigerian Naira
Broken rice (Ofada), 1kg 462.42


How much is half bag of rice in Nigeria?

Prices of Paddy Rice in Nigeria

Paddy Rice Price
75kg (full bag ) ₦9,000
37.5kg ( half bag ) ₦4,250
10kg ₦1,400
5kg ₦700

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria 2021?

Market insights

Items Brand MILE 12 (7/1/ 2021 )
Bag of Rice Royal Stallion 24000
Bag of Rice Rice Master 4300
Bag of Rice Mama Gold 26000
Bag of Rice Caprice 25000


How much is 50kg bag of rice in Nigeria today?

In 2021, 50kg bag of foreign rice is sold for huge ₦31, 000 while Nigerian rice is sold for ₦25, 000 due to the unstable economy and only wealthy citizens could afford eating rice on daily basis.

How many paint bucket is in 25kg bag of rice?

1. How many paint bucket is in a bag of rice? The answer is between 13 to 12 paint buckets precisely the left over after the 12th bucket may not fill the 13th bucket completely.

How many Mudus are in a bag of rice?

For a 50kg bag of rice, it contains between 25 – 32 mudu. The reason being that there are usually differences in the quantity of rice found in a bag based on the type and source. However when measuring the weight of a mudu, it is between 1.25kg – 1.3kg.

How many cups of rice is in 1 kg?

In terms of uncooked rice, cups can accomodate 200gms rice and hence we will get about 5 cups for 1 kg of rice. Its totally depends upon size of the cup. But ideal volume of a cup is 200 grams i.e. 5 cups will amounts to 1 k.g.

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How many cups of rice is 5kg?

The answer is: The change of 1 kg – kilo ( kilogram ) unit in a white Basmati rice measure equals = into 5.29 cup AU ( Australian cup ) as in the equivalent measure and for the same white Basmati rice type.

How many kg is a derica of rice?

Questions and instructions

Value Category
4 derica cup (small) (0.35 kg )
5 derica cup (big) (0.7 kg )
6 congo/mudu (1.5 kg )
7 tiya (3.0 kg )


How much is 1kg basmati rice?

India Gate Basmati Rice Pouch, Classic, 1kg

M.R.P.: ₹ 210.00
Price: ₹ 175.00 (₹ 175.00 / kg)
You Save: ₹ 35.00 (17%)
Inclusive of all taxes

How much is a bag of garri in Nigeria 2020?

Market Insights

Items Brand MUSHIN (19/03/ 2020 )
Carton of Noodles Golden Penny 1400
Bag of Garri Ijebu 6000
Bag of Garri White 7000
Bag of Garri Yellow 7500


How many bags of rice can a trailer carry?

Do you have a standard Warehouse for storing the number of rice bags you wish to off-take? A trailer load of rice contains 600 bags of Rice with each bag valued at N16,000 which is the wholesale price.

Is Basmati rice good for diabetic?

If you have diabetes, small portions of basmati rice can be a part of your healthy diet. In addition to a lower glycemic index, basmati rice can also contain a significant amount of fiber – just be sure to check the nutrition label.

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