Often asked: Aba Is In Which State In Nigeria?

What is Abia state known for?

Abia is a state in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia, and the major commercial city is Aba, which was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region, and is also one of the most populated areas in Nigeria. The state also houses the biggest cattle market in Nigeria.

How many local government are there in Abia State?

Abia State has 17 local government areas (LGAs).

Which LGA is Umungasi?

District Data:

District Name: Area: Umungasi
Local Government Area: Aba
State: Abia State
Associated Zip Code: 450272

What is the motto of Abia State?

List of Nigerian states’ nicknames

State Nickname
Abia State God’s Own State
Adamawa State Land of Beauty
Akwa Ibom State Land of Promise
Anambra State Light of the Nation (formerly home for all)


Who is Abia in the Bible?

Abijah, also spelled Abia, Hebrew Abiyyah, or Abiyyahu, (“Yahweh Is My Father”), any of nine different persons mentioned in the Bible, of whom the most noteworthy are the following: (1) The son and successor of Rehoboam, king of Judah (II Chronicles 12:16, 13), who reigned about two years (c. 915–913 bc).

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What does Abia mean?

The name Abia is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Great.

Is there Airport in Abia State?

Closest airports to Abia The nearest airport to Abia is Owerri (QOW). However, there are better options for getting to Abia. You can drive from Port Harcourt (PHC) to Aba in around 1h 6m.

Who is the president of Abia State?

The current governor is Okezie Ikpeazu of the People’s Democratic Party, in office since May 29, 2015. He was reelected in 2019.

Governor of Abia State
Incumbent Okezie Ikpeazu since May 29, 2015
Style His Excellency
Residence Abia State Government House, Umuahia
Term length Four years, 2 terms

Which village is the most beautiful village in Nigeria?

Abiriba is the most beautiful Village in Africa.

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Which LGA is ariaria market?

The Ariaria International Market is an open-air market located in Aba, a city in Abia State Southeast Nigeria. Ariaria International Market.

A section of the market
Location Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
Coordinates 5°7′5″N 7°19′57″WCoordinates: 5°7′5″N 7°19′57″W
Opening date 1976
Management Abia State Government

Where is Bende in Nigeria?

Bende is a Local Government Area in Abia State, Nigeria with headquarters located in Bende Community. Bende, Abia.

Bende Ndi Bende
Bende Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°34′N 7°38′ECoordinates: 5°34′N 7°38′E
Country Nigeria
State Abia State

What is the nickname of Nigeria?

Naija – The unofficial nickname for Nigeria.

Which state is the smallest state in Nigeria?

Lagos State Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria with a size of only 3,345 square kilometers.

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Which state has the highest natural resources in Nigeria?

Mineral Resources Found in Kaduna state This is one of the few states that has the highest number of natural resources in Nigeria.

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