How To Import From China To Nigeria?

Can I import goods from China to Nigeria now?

As it is now, you have the opportunity to buy a product at a very low wholesale price and sell at a higher price. By so doing, you can make a lot of profit from doing a mini importation business in Nigeria. With a small investment capital, you can start importing goods from China to Nigeria and make a lot of profit.

How much does it cost to ship from China to Nigeria?

Container shipping rates from China to Nigeria

Port of loading: Container size: Shipping price:
Shanghai to Lagos Nigeria 40FT Container from: $3500
Shenzhen to Lagos Nigeria 40FT Container from: $3650
Ningbo-Zhoushan to Lagos Nigeria 40FT Container from: $3990
Guangzhou to Lagos Nigeria 40FT Container from: $3600
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What are the things I can import from China to Nigeria?

Now let’s take a look at some of the hottest products you can import from China and sell in Nigeria.

  1. Furniture. China made furniture are very good and better finished that the local ones.
  2. Children’s Toys.
  3. Sealing Machines.
  4. Fashion Items.
  5. Electronic Gadgets.
  6. Fancy Ceiling Pendants.
  7. Household Utensils.
  8. Building Materials.

How do I import goods from China?

Once you have a GST registration, you can apply for an import /export license from the DGFT Department, in the form of the IEC Code. The 10-digit Importer Exporter Code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade enables Indian companies to import or export goods.

What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Even with all the additional fees Sea Freight is still the cheapest shipping method for imports from China. Remember that it’s cost effective ONLY if your order is big enough. Usually, a half pallet or one full pallet will be enough if your margins are right.

What is the fastest selling product in Nigeria?

Top 15 High Demand And Fast Selling Products in 2020

  • Electronic Goods.
  • Fashion Items.
  • Cosmetic Product.
  • Health And Wellness Products.
  • Hair Wig And Extensions.
  • Baby Accessories.
  • Food And Groceries.
  • Phones And Accessories.

Which shipping company is the cheapest from China to Nigeria?

Typically, companies that freight by air have a regular shipping schedule from China to Lagos/Apapa every week. If you’re looking at price, the cheapest method of shipping is to use the China or Hong Kong Post Service.

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Which shipping company is the cheapest in Nigeria?

Most affordable courier services in Nigeria

  1. AB Logistics. This is the cheapest Nigerian company on our list, and it is eager to deliver your packages from door to door.
  2. EMS SpeedPost. This company has been serving Nigerians since 1986.
  3. GIG Logistics.
  4. ABC Cargo.
  5. UPS.

How do I ship to Alibaba from Nigeria?

  1. Step 1: Getting Started and Creating an Alibaba Account.
  2. Step 2: Searching for Product On Alibaba.
  3. Step 3: Contacting Supplier on Alibaba.
  4. Step 4: Negotiating with Suppliers.
  5. Step 5: Logistics – How to Ship your Goods to Nigeria, and Calculating your Cost.
  6. Step 6: Making Payment for Goods on Alibaba.

Which is the most profitable product to import from China and sell in Nigeria?

Laptops, Mobile Phones & Accessories If there is one product that has taken over the Nigerian market, it is the made-in- China mobile phones and its accessories. These products control over 65% of the mobile phone market share in Nigeria.

What is the best product to import from China?

Best Products To Import From China

  1. Home décor and furniture. The real estate market is recovering at a fast pace and the demand for furniture is gradually on the rise.
  2. Children Toys.
  3. Pet supplies.
  4. Clothing, T-shirts and fashion accessories.
  5. Electronic gadgets.
  6. Phones and accessories.
  7. Computer and office.
  8. Car electronics.

What can I buy and sell in Nigeria?

15 High-in-Demand Everyday Commodities in Nigeria

  • LIQUID SOAP AND DETERGENTS. You would agree with me that soaps are an everyday item.
  • Floor Tiles.
  • WATER.
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Do I need import license to buy from Alibaba?

You don’t need to have a company or any special credentials to use Alibaba. You don’t need a sellers permit, a website, a corporation…. nada. In fact, most Alibaba wholesale suppliers don’t care who they are working with as long you buy in bulk, pay on time and order on a consistent basis.

What documents do I need to import goods from China?

Typically, you need a commercial invoice and shipping documents, such as an Air Waybill. Other requirements can include a certificate of origin.

Do I need an import license to buy goods from China?

Do I Need a Permit to Import from China? There is no general import permit for importing products from China. However, you might need a permit to import from a federal agency certain goods from China. As an importer, you must ensure your imported products meet all federal requirements, which sometimes include permits.

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