How To Check If A Company Is Registered In Nigeria?

How do I find out if a company is registered with CAC?

Visit the Joint Tax Board TIN Verification page. On the TIN Registration Search Panel enter company registration date (You can get this from the CAC step above) Select Search Criteria (TIN/BVN/ Company Registration Number (RCxxxxxx or BNxxxxx) or Registered Phone Number. Check the “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA box.

How do I search a name in CAC?

Check Business Name / Company Registration in Nigeria Online via CAC Website. You will be presented with a form to type the name of the company / business you want to search for (as illustrated below). Enter all or part of the company name. Check the “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA and click the ” Search ” button.

How do I check a company registration number?

You can find your company registration number in several places:

  1. On the company’s certificate of incorporation.
  2. Emails or other correspondence from your company formation agent or accountant.
  3. On a change of company name certificate.
  4. Any official letters or other documentation received from Companies House.
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What is an RC number in Nigeria?

RC means Registered Company. BN are mainly issued to enterprises, SMEs, sole proprietors.. RC are issued to Plc, LTD, NGOs etc.

How do I register for CAC online?

Registration steps for Business Names

  1. Check for availability of the Business Name (click here.
  2. Complete pre- registration form – CAC -BNo1 and upload relevant registration documents( Online using Company Registration Portal)
  3. Pay filing fee Check the Fees for our Services here.

Is CAC doing free registration?

The Federal Government has approved all self-employed and business owners to carry out their Corporate Affairs Commission ( CAC ) registration online free of charge.

How much does it cost to register a business name in Nigeria?

The CAC official filing fee for the registration of business name in Nigeria is N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). However, where an accredited agent is engaged by the applicant for such registration, the agent will also charge a professional fee for the services to be rendered.

How long does it take to get CAC certificate?


S/No. Service Timeline
3. Certified True Copy of Certificates 5 Working Days
4. Filing and CTC of CAC 2A, 2.1, 3, 7A & Miscellaneous 5 Working Days
5. Search Report 5 Working Days
6. Letter of Good Standing 5 Working Days


How much is CAC registration 2021?

According to the Companies Regulations 2021, the filing fees for the Statement are N5,000.00 and N10,000.00 for private and public companies, respectively.

How can I verify a company is legitimate?

Look for specific things on the company’s website that may give away whether or not they are truly legitimate.

  1. Check spelling and grammar.
  2. Check for a business address and landline number.
  3. Check for a Privacy Policy.
  4. Check for a company number.
  5. Check the WHOIS database.
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How do I find information on a company?

Here are a few resources and websites that may help you find the data on a particular business:

  1. Business and Company Resource Center. Access from Home – Use library barcode.
  2. Reference USA.
  3. Better Business Bureau.
  4. Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Hoovers Online.

How do I find out if a business is still active?

Contact your state’s Department of State. The Department of State registers business entities and maintains old business information for any business in its jurisdiction. Find your state’s Department of State office either through an online search or by going to the National Association of Secretaries of State website.

How can I check my RC number in Nigeria?

How to Check Company Registration Status with FIRS or Joint Tax Board

  1. Visit the FIRS Official TIN Verification page by clicking here.
  2. Scroll down to the Search form.
  3. Select CAC Registration number in the search criteria dropdown list.

What is the difference between BN and RC number?

While BN is an abbreviation for Business Name, RC is a means Registered Company which typically is your company registration number recognised by the law.

How do I get a BN number in Nigeria?

All LEGALLY registered companies in Nigeria have an RC Number. while Business Names have BN numbers. Now armed with this number in hand,all you need to do is visit any Corporate Affairs Commission office nearest to you, and conduct a search,using the RC or BN number as the case may be,and the company name.

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