How To Become Dstv Agent In Nigeria?

How do I become a DStv sub agent?

Steps to register as agent

  1. Download the registration form from DSTV website.
  2. Fill out the form and send it to the company e-mail shown on that link. The training requirements of the company, however, involve the payment of a franchise fee to the company.

How do I become a Multichoice Accredited Installer?

To become qualified, an accredited installer must nominate and sponsor a person to attend one of the three (3) courses offered by MultiChoice. Aspirant Installers are then graded according to their skills level by attending and passing a formal assessment examination.

How can I get DStv?

Steps On How To Register And Become DStv Dealer Or Agents Walk into any of the Multichoice offices close to you in your country and request for dealer form. Fill the form with all valid details required. After you have filled the form, please submit it to the responsible department at the Multichoice office.

How do I register for DStv installer?

Download the application form to become an accredited Dstv installer. Complete the form with your details. Ensure all items have been filled as this might delay the process. Once completed, email the application to [email protected] and a consultant will contact you.

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How do I become a dish installer?

Although it is possible to enter the field as a satellite installer with only a high school diploma, some employers require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in electronics and some states have specific licensing requirements. This field is expected to experience a 3% decline through 2029.

How much is DSTV installation in Nigeria?

DSTV Installation Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 18,600 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit ( installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

How long does it take to install DSTV?

If the installation is to a single point, the DSTV installation will take up to an hour. When it comes to DSTV installation with ExtraView (Linking Up To 3 Single View HD or Xplora Decoders to one subscription) it takes about 2 hours to complete.

How much does it cost to install DSTV Explora?

How much does it cost to have Explora Installation? The cost of installing a point of Explora Installation is R350. In addition to this, if you do not have the necessary accessories such as the Explorer decoder itself, which costs around R899, a Smart LNB, and a 80cm metal dish.

What does DSTV installation include?

a DSTV installation includes a satellite dish and receiver. The DSTV dish includes a wall mount bracket to attach the dish to a building. It also includes a dish face to reflect signal to the receiver. Also included is the single LNB receiver.

How do I become a DStv agent in Zimbabwe?

Agent /Dealer Requirements

  1. Register for agent interest.
  2. Attend technical training courses held by Multichoice.
  3. Take formal assessment examinations.
  4. Posses a customer relationship to be able to handle DStv customers complains.
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Is DStv installation an essential service?

DStv is considered an essential service which means our Call Centres and Walk-in Centres, and accredited installers will be here for you during lockdown to ensure you remain watching.

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