How Much Is Umidigi A7 Pro In Nigeria?

How much is Umidigi A7 in Nigeria?

Umidigi A7 Price and Availability The price of the Umidigi A7 Pro starts at around $145, which translates to 54,504 Naira in Nigeria, 15,551 KSh in Kenya, and 831 GHC in Ghana.

Is Umidigi A7 Pro a good phone?

The Umidigi A7 Pro is a great midlevel budget phone. Powered by Octa-core MediaTek MT6763 Helio P23 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. It is a very capable cpu, I have not noticed any slow downs, it can handle everything I throw at it. I previously was using the Umidigi A3 Pro and the A7 Pro is superior in every way.

What is the price of Umidigi A7 pro?

UMiDIGI A7 Pro prices

UMiDIGI A7 Pro • Global · 4GB · 128GB $ 139
UMiDIGI A7 Pro • Global · 4GB · 64GB $ 114

Is Umidigi A7 Pro WaterProof?

Is The Umidigi A7 Pro WaterProof? The A7 Pro does not have any IP ratings which means it is not a waterproof device nor a dust resistance device.

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Is Umidigi sold in Nigeria?

If you are interested in buying UMIDIGI phones in Nigeria, we have good news for you. This brand of smartphones is now officially on sale in the country, so grabbing one should be easy. This makes UMIDIGI smartphones attractive to budget buyers.

Is Umidigi A7 a gaming phone?

Umidigi A7 Pro has 6.3-inches IPS LCD display. With it’s FHD+ resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, you can play games like PUBG Mobile at HD graphics quality. Although, you might not be impressed at the gaming experience (regards to PUBG Mobile particularly).

Does Umidigi A7 Pro has fast charging?

Umidigi bundles a 10W charger in the box. Although the phone comes with a USB C port, there’s surprisingly no support for fast charging.

How long does Umidigi A7 battery last?

And powered by an octa-core 64-bit processor with the fast 4GB RAM, it runs multiple apps simultaneously and is more power-efficient. Supported by a 4150mAh high-capacity battery, the UMIDIGI A7 lets you easily get through 2 days or more, giving you the freedom to leave the charger behind.

Does Umidigi A7 Pro have fast charging?

More Features – Metal Frame Design, Macro wide & Ultrawide sensor AI, FHD+ Display, USB Type-C, Double-Sided Curved Glass, Android Q OS, Tow Days Battery Life, Dual SIM Slot, Global 4G Bands Support, 10W Fast Charger, Rear Mounted Fingerprint, Global Language Support, 4G Bands, LTE Cat-6.

Are Umidigi phones Good?

This phone has everything a regular user could want. It is fast, long battery life, big screen and low bloatware. The only complaint I have about the phone is the camera is not the greatest. Many reviewers have said the same thing.

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Can you play fortnite on Umidigi A7 pro?

To get Fortnite in your UMIDIGI A7 Pro you must download the installer accessing from the mobile device to

What is the difference between Umidigi A7 and A7 pro?

The smartphones have a quad camera on the back: 16MP main sensor, 5MP depth sensor, and 5MP macro sensor. However, UMIDIGI A7 Pro has a 16MP ultra-wide lens, while UMIDIGI A7 comes with 8MP wide-angle camera. The selfie camera is the same – 16MP.

Is Umidigi A7 pro Gorilla Glass?

Does UMIDIGI A7 Pro have Gorilla Glass? No; the A7 Pro does not have Gorilla Glass protection on its screen.

Is Umidigi a Chinese company?

Umi is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Shenzhen in China.

Does Umidigi A7 have front flash?

UMiDIGI A7 Pro Front and Back Camera The UMiDIGI A7 Pro makes use of an 16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP back or rear camera with LED flash and a 16 MP front camera with LED flash light.

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