How Much Is Gre Exam In Nigeria?

How much is the GRE test 2020?

The GRE costs $205 in most locations.

Where can I take GRE exam in Nigeria?

The GRE is written in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt (Rivers), Benin (Edo), Jos (Plateau) and Owerri (Imo). The paper based version which is not always available is written in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Can I write GRE in Nigeria?

The GRE (General Test) available in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt (Rivers), Jos (Plateau) and Owerri (Imo) is the Computer based test. These are the only Computer Based GRE test sites in Nigeria. Test date may be available in one state and not the other.

What is GRE exam fee?

The GRE exam fee for the general test is $205 in all countries except five, which are India, Turkey, China, Australia, and Nigeria. GRE Subject Test Fee.

GRE Exam services Fee
Rescheduling fee $50
Changing your test center $50
Changing your Subject Test $50

Who is eligible for GRE exam?

The GRE subject test fee is $150 worldwide. What is the age limit to take the GRE? ETS has no specific eligibility criteria for the GRE exam. Anyone can register for the exam, irrespective of age.

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Can you take GRE without studying?

A student who sits down to take the GRE without studying is likely to have a passing familiarity with a lot of the topics they encounter on the test. For many students, it will have been five or ten years, and for some it will have been even longer!

How much is GRE 2020 Nigeria?

Standard Test Administration — GRE General Test

Location Fee
India $213
Nigeria $226
Turkey $255
All other areas of the world $205

How much is Toefl in Nigeria?


Admission Program TOEFL Program
Costs between N150,000 – N250,000 (Includes application fee, courier fees and related cost ) TOEFL Registration costs $195

How can I register for GRE in Nigeria?

You can register for your GRE test / exam at Exam Planet. All Examination registrations are done promptly, usually within twenty-four(24) hours after receiving payment. All official receipts and test schedule information will be delivered into the email box of the test takers directly from the test owners (ETS).

How much is ielts exam in Nigeria?

The IELTS test costs approximately ₦75.000 in Nigeria. The price is consistent across British Council test centers for the IELTS Academic and General Training exams.

How can I register for GRE exam?

There are two ways you can register for the GRE General Test in these locations: online or by phone.

  1. Online Registration. You need to create or have an ETS account to register online.
  2. Phone Registration.
  3. Requesting an Authorization Voucher by Mail.
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Where can I write GRE Lagos?


  • Hotline: 09077619061,
  • Hotline: 09071136672.
  • Hotline: 07067445193.
  • Service Complaint: 08083844861.
  • Email: [email protected] CALL HOURS. (MON – FRI: 9:00am – 5:00pm) Working Hours. 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Mon – Fri)

Is GRE difficult?

The GRE is typically considered more difficult compared to the ACT or SAT, even though the math problems on the GRE are actually a lower level of difficulty compared to the arithmetic in either of the other two tests. However, the GRE is also less difficult than more specialized exams like the MCAT, GMAT, or LSAT.

What is a good GRE score?

It will not be a good score for highly competitive programs as the average score for the Grad schools is above 303. Generally, a 75th percentile is a pretty good GRE score, and a 90th percentile is an excellent one. Thus, we can say that a score of 318 and above is good, whereas a score of 329 is an excellent one.

How many marks is GRE for?

Both of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning are scored the same way. Their score range is 130-170, in one-point increments. GRE Score Ranges.

Section Minimum Score Maximum Score
Analytical Writing 6
Verbal Reasoning 130 170
Quantitative Reasoning 130 170
Total Score 260 + 0 340 + 6

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