How Much Is Dstv Walka In Nigeria?

Is DStv Walka still working in Nigeria?

The company is dropping its DStv DVB-H mobile pay-TV service with the outdated DStv Walka and DStv Drifta that will no longer work at the end of the month. MultiChoice says when it launched DStv Mobile the technology was new but “over the last few years, technology has evolved as broadband access continues to grow.

Where can I get DStv Walka?

Online at or telephonically on 011 289 2222.

Can I still use my DStv Walka?

The company is dropping its DStv DVB-H mobile pay-TV service with the outdated DStv Walka and DStv Drifta that will no longer work at the end of the month.

How do I activate my DStv Walka?

Activate your Walka on the DStv Mobile service by calling MultiChoice customer care (see customer care numbers on the next page) and provide the customer service representative with the CA number and the device serial number, found on the back of the Walka.

Can I use my phone to watch DSTV?

You have to download and install the DSTV Mobile app at the official store of your mobile platform. Once you successfully install the app, you can start watching DSTV Mobile on your mobile phone. DSTV Mobile is not available everywhere in Nigeria. DSTV Mobile offers up to 16 DSTV channels.

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How can I watch DSTV free in Nigeria?

To enjoy DSTV Mobile free on your smart phone, you need to link your cell phone to your DSTV TV subscription account. Search for a DSTV outlet to link your smart phone. Interested users who do not subscribe to DSTV in the news can begin to play DSTV mobile.

How do I activate my DStv Walka 7 online?

To access the online activation service, a DStv Connect account is required; this can be created by visiting http://www. The activation service is available to all DStv Mobile subscribers and can be used to activate the Drifta, Drifta USB and the Walka TV.

What is DStv Mobile?

DStv Mobile aggregates and produces mobile TV content and services for a number of mobile platforms and technologies. Currently DStv Mobile is accessible in South Africa via 3G streaming (3G) and through a DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast Handheld Technology) trial.

Can I watch DStv without paying?

Is DStv Now free and can I watch DStv without paying? Yes. The introduction of DStv Now, a free app for all subscribers, can help you watch several TV channels such as Channel O, M-Net, Mzansi Magic, and SuperSport live anywhere. It also grants every subscriber access to over 95+ audio channels.

How much is the cheapest DStv package?

With a monthly cost of R29 only, DStv EasyView is the most affordable package. By paying for EasyView, you will enjoy 36 TV channels and access over 95 audio channels.

Is DStv closing down?

MultiChoice has announced that the SABC Encore and Sundance TV channels will be terminated from DStv effective from 1 June 2020. SABC Encore is a channel that offers reruns of SABC content, while Sundance TV is a film channel.

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Can I activate DStv Online?

No. DStv does not allow customers to create an account or activate their decoders Online. Therefore, you must contact the DStv customer care for account creation and decoder activation.

How does a DStv Walka work?

DStv Mobile launched their Walka Handheld TV in late 2011, promising consumers that it is a great way to experience DStv on the go. Unlike DStv Mobile’s Drifta (which requires software installation and other setup tasks), the Walka works straight out of the box: switch on >> activate >> start watching DStv.

How do I update my DStv Walka?

Updating the rmware

  1. Go to, select the country you are.
  2. Click on the Get DStv Mobile Tab, then click on Phones.
  3. Locate the Walka on the list of devices and then click on.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on.
  5. Save the rmware to your computer.
  6. Turn on the Walka.

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