How Much Is A Ton Of Cassava In Nigeria?

How much is a ton of cassava in Nigeria 2019?

The average selling price of 1 tonne of raw cassava is N25,000. So, if you sell your raw cassava to the women who make garri and akpu, you’ll make N750,000 (30X25,000), which is a profit of N400,000.

How much is a ton of cassava in Nigeria 2021?

Price per tonne of Cassava We observed that the price per ton of Cassava starch is between ₦100,000 to ₦180,000, the price per ton of Cassava flour is between ₦200,000 to ₦300,000 while the price per ton of Cassava chips sells for an average of ₦150,000.

How much does cassava cost in Nigeria?

Production of one tonne of cassava costs N2500. The market price should be between N7 000 to N10 000 a tonne. One tonne of cassava costs N2 500 to transport. The average price of cassava planting material is N100 per bundle.

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How many bags of cassava makes a ton?

Under normal circumstances, if you make garri by garri processing equipment in DOING company, nearly 4 tons of cassava can produce 1 ton of garri. So 1 ton of fresh cassava can produce more than 250kg garri, if your bags is 50kg, you will get more than 5 bags of garri.

Which state produce more cassava in Nigeria?

Benue is the top region by production of cassava in Nigeria. As of 2005, production of cassava in Benue was 3,548 1000 metric tons that accounts for 11.08% of Nigeria’s production of cassava. The top 5 regions (others are Taraba, Kogi, Imo, and Cross River) account for 44.05% of it.

How profitable is cassava farming in Nigeria?

The yield varies from 20 to 30 tonnes per hectare for local varieties and from 25 to 70 tonnes per hectare for improved varieties. In hostile environments where other crops fail, cassava can provide good yields. In typical conditions, the yield may vary between 8 to 15 tonnes of tubers per hectare.

How much is a bag of garri in Nigeria 2020?

Market Insights

Items Brand MUSHIN (19/03/ 2020 )
Carton of Noodles Golden Penny 1400
Bag of Garri Ijebu 6000
Bag of Garri White 7000
Bag of Garri Yellow 7500


Where can I sell my cassava in Nigeria?

157 Cassava Buyers & Importers in Nigeria

  • TJ CASSAVA FLOUR MILLS LTD. We are into production of high quality cassava flour.
  • Crest Agro Products Ltd.
  • Tonorp Farms.
  • MAX NG.
  • AOA Consult.
  • E-Franky Global Services Limited.
  • Oluwadabira Farm Business.
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What is the average yield of cassava per hectare in Nigeria?

The average yield per hectare is 10.6 tonnes. In Nigeria, cassava production is well-developed as an organized agricultural crop.

Which company buy cassava Nigeria?

Psaltry International Company Limited (PIL) is an agro-allied company founded by Oluyemisi Iranloye in the year 2005. The company started out by creating a market niche for cassava produce across the rural areas of Oyo State Nigeria.

How much is Garri in Nigeria?

Prices of garri in selected markets in Lagos, Nigeria 2020. Mushin, Daleko, Oyingbo, and Mile 12 are some of Lagos’ largest markets. From price comparisons among these markets, the price for 50 kilograms of white or yellow garri was on average 13.3 thousand Naira (over 30 U.S. dollars).

How much is a ton of Garri?

1 ton of garri (20 bags) = N100,000.00 x 2 = N200,000.00. Therefore, revenue minus expenditure = profit.

How much can I get from an acre of cassava?

The yield from an acre of cassava ranges 4-8 MT, which translates into 1.5-4 metric tons of dried cassava chips and 1.2 -2.5 metric tons of cassava flour.

How many 50kg bags make a ton?

Cement is often purchased in tonnes and when converted, one tonne of cement is equal to 1000 killogrammes of the product. So basically, a tonne of cement will produce about 20 50kg bags of cement.

How many kg is a bag of Garri?

Bag of Garri (50kg)

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