How I Started My Cake Business Nigeria?

How much does it cost to start a cake business in Nigeria?

If you want to start baking cakes right from your home, the cost of starting your business depends on your choice of equipment and this could cost from ₦50,000 upwards but if you want to take it to the next level and start in a big way, ₦150,000 – ₦300,000 or more should do for starters.

How can I start a cake business from home in Nigeria?


  2. CREATE AWARENESS. Go round your neighbourhood, institutions, churches and anybody you see and let them know you are about to start a cake business.
  3. LOCATION. Position your cake business in a place that you can attract good patronage.

How much does it cost to start a cake business?

Many home-based cake bakers report an initial investment as low as $1,000. Budget for the following items when determining how much capital you need: Licenses – Costs vary, depending upon your state’s Department of Health requirements.

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How do I start a baking business in Nigeria?

How To Start A Bakery Business In Nigeria

  1. Step One: Decide The Type Of Bakery You Want To Open.
  2. Step Two: Register Your Business With CAC.
  3. Step Three: Draft A Business Plan.
  4. Step Four: List Out The Equipment You Need To Start Your Bakery Business.
  5. Step Five: Rent A Space For Your Bakery Business.

Is a cake business profitable?

How Much Do I Make With a Cake Business? It’s a very irregular income. People seem to get married in batches, so I might do five wedding cakes one year and then none the next. I once created two wedding cakes in a month and made about $400.

Is cake baking a profitable business?

One of the most profitable business is cake making. This business is a better way to earn money and can be started easily both in the village and the city. Interestingly, women too can start this business at home. Here, we will inform you about starting designer cake making business.

How do I start a cake business from home?

How to start a cake business from home

  1. Register as self-employed.
  2. Follow selling cakes from home legal requirements in the UK.
  3. Register your premises.
  4. Sort your home baking insurance.
  5. Tell your landlord or mortgage lender.
  6. Think about standing out.
  7. Develop an online presence.
  8. Get out and about with your baking business.


What equipment do you need to start a cake business?

Here are our top 10 essentials for all cake makers:

  • A good quality electric food mixer;
  • Non-stick cake trays (enough to bake at least 2 batches of cakes );
  • Digital scales for accurate measuring;
  • Cooling racks;
  • Measuring spoons;
  • Mixing bowls;
  • Wooden spoons;
  • Rubber spatula for easier handling of cake mixture and icing;
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How do cake business make money?

How To Make More Profits In Your Cake Business Month In Month Out

  1. Know How To Price Your Cakes. You need to know how to price your cakes.
  2. Don’t Offer Too Much Cake Varieties. You providing every type of cakes in every size, style and flavour will not make you rich.
  3. Create Good Cakes.
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service.

Can I bake cakes at home and sell them?

Low-risk home -prepared foods can be sold from home (including online or mail-order sales) and special events, as well as from farmers’ markets, where they were sold previously. Special events are temporary events, such as craft fairs and festivals, and have their own set of rules in the regulation.

How do I start a small baking business?

Home Bakery Business – How to Start

  1. Decide on the goods to bake.
  2. Plan your kitchen space.
  3. Get a permit.
  4. Talk to a tax agent.
  5. Set appropriate prices.
  6. Start baking and selling.

How much do I charge for a cake?

For tiered cakes, they generally start at $4.50 per serving for 2 tiers and the price increases per tier (by $. 25 per tier, so a 4 tiered cake would be a minimum $4.50 per serving) and for difficulty/design. A 5″ + 7″ round tiered cake with 26 servings is $120 minimum, plus taxes.

Is cake business profitable in Nigeria?

The cake making business is a very lucrative and profitable venture to do. A lot of people like and appreciate cakes making it an easy product to sell. Cake is one of the most consumed snacks and meal by people in Nigeria and all over the world as it is eaten a lot.

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How much investment is needed to open a bakery?

The total approximate investment to start a bakery business in India is around Rs 15 lakhs. However, the cost of equipment and location can lead to considerable variance in the approximate cost.

Is bread making business profitable?

The bread making business has a great market potentiality as it a daily consumable item which has a great demand in the market. Thus, due it’s so many qualities and high demand, starting a bread making business is a great profitable idea if you have the required knowledge and skill to run the same.

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