FAQ: What Year Was One Thousand Naira Note Introduced In Nigeria?

What year did 1000 naira come out?

2005. The One- Thousand ( 1000 ) Naira note was released October 12, 2005, with even more advanced security features. It is currently the highest denomination in circulation. On the front of the note are the portraits of Alhaji Aliyu Mai Bornu and Dr.

Who introduced 1000 naira note?

President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday formally launched the new N1000 note, which is the last lap in the series of the approved higher denomination notes and challenged the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Security Minting and Printing Company to brace up to added responsibility that would arise as Africa moves

When did Nigeria introduce 50 Naira note?

The fifty – naira note was introduced in October 1991. It was the highest denomination when it was introduced in the country.

Who introduced 50 Naira note in Nigeria?

The Central Bank of Nigeria started issuing these 50 Nigerian Naira banknotes in 1991. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2009.

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Who is in 100 naira note?

Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo is pictured on the banknote of 100 Nigerian Naira, wearing a kufi hat. Awolowo was Premier of Western Nigeria. On the back side of the ₦ 100 bill is an image of the Zuma Rock monolith in Niger province.

Do we have 5000 naira note in Nigeria?

CBN has neither printed nor introduced 2,000 or 5,000 naira notes.

Which year was naira equal to dollar?

From the day that Abacha took power to the day he died on June 8 1998, a period of some five years, the ‘official’ exchange rate of the naira to the dollar never changed from 22 naira to $1.

How do I convert EFX to naira?

Today 10 EFX = 112.44 NGN. Today, you can convert 25 Effect.AI for 281.09 Nigerian naira. Today, 50 Effect.AI can be exchanged for 562.18 Nigerian naira.

Effect.AI ( EFX ) to Nigerian naira ( NGN )
1 Effect.AI 11.24 Nigerian naira
5 Effect.AI 56.22 Nigerian naira
10 Effect.AI 112.44 Nigerian naira

Who is Nigeria 10 Naira note?

Alvan Ikoku is the man on the 10 naira note. He was born, Alvan Azinna Ikoku, on August 1, 1900, to a rich merchant family in the little town of Amanagwu, Arochukwu, present-day Abia State.

Who is on the 1 naira note?

It is a shimmery gold colour showing 1000 naira. The triangular shape in the middle of the front of the note changes its colour from green to blue when tilted. The main feature on the front is the engraved portraits of Alhaji Aliyu Mai-Bornu and Dr Clement Isong, former governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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What is the highest currency in Nigeria?

Currently the highest currency denomination is 1,000 Naira.

Where did Nigeria print their money?

Naira notes and coins are printed / minted by the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) Plc and sometimes, other overseas companies, and issued by the CBN.

What is the Colour of 5 naira?

Additional information

Location Nigeria
Colour multicolour, orange
Person Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, KBE PC
Profession Prime Minister of Nigeria
Text 5, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa 1912-1966, Central Bank of Nigeria, Five Naira, Naira Biyar, Naira Ise, Naira Marun-un

What is the Colour of the 500 naira note?

Additional information

Location Nigeria
Colour multicolour, purple
Person Nnamdi Azikiwe, Zik
Profession father of Nigerian Nationalism, first President of Nigeria
Text 500, Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe 1904-1996, Five Hundred Naira, ₦ 500

Who is on 20 Naira note?

Do you have a 20 Nigerian Naira banknote (General Murtala Muhammed)? Additional information.

Location Nigeria
Colour green
Person General Murtala Muhammed, Ladi Kwali
Profession Army General, potter
Text 20, Central Bank of Nigeria, Naira Ashirin, Naira Iri Abuo, Ogun Naira, Twenty Naira

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