FAQ: How To Register For Acca In Nigeria?

How do I apply for ACCA in Nigeria?

ACCA Registration Process in Nigeria.

  1. Proof of identification such as driver’s license, passport or birth certificate.
  2. Official translations of any documents not in English.
  3. If applying to study ACCA qualification, you will need to upload evidence that you meet the minimum entry requirements.

How much is ACCA registration in Nigeria?

COST OF ACCA REGISTRATION IN NIGERIA The cost of registering for ACCA exams in Nigeria currently is £36, and this is applicable when you apply for the first stage of this professional accounting certification examination.

How do I register for ACCA?

You can register online to become an ACCA student at any time of the year. In order to complete the ACCA Qualification and qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete:

  1. 13 exams (exemptions are awarded based on qualifications held)
  2. 3 years practical work experience.
  3. the Ethics and Professional Skills module.
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How much does it cost to register for ACCA?

To enrol for ACCA exams you must be registered as an active ACCA student. That means you must pay a one-time registration fee of £89 and an annual subscription fee of £112. In your first year, you pay both the £89 and £112 fees.

Is ACCA expensive?

Course Expenses: Since ACCA is offered by the UK, it is a bit more expensive in comparison to the CA programme. CA costs around less than or equal to INR 1 lakh, whereas ACCA costs between INR 2 lakhs and INR 3 lakhs. So you can choose a course as per your budget.

Can I finish ACCA in 2 years?

The ACCA can be completed in two years, however the candidate requires relevant experience to offset at least one year of work experience (PER). Most candidates take anywhere between 2.5 to 3 years to complete their coursework ( to give more attention to modules).

How do I pay for ACCA exam in Nigeria?

If you wish to make payment, then you can pay online using your debit card (Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay), PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), China UnionPay), Alipay, and pre-paid debit card. You can make an online payment by clicking here.

What qualifications do you need for ACCA?

What are the entry requirements? Students need to have two A Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects including English and Maths, or their equivalent. Students who do not have the minimum academic qualifications may be eligible for the Foundations in Accountancy qualification.

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Is ACCA Recognised in Nigeria?

“With over 18,000 students and members and 41 partner employers of ACCA students, affiliates and members, ACCA is respected, valued and accepted in Nigeria and the ACCA brand certainly has both employer and market recognition.

Is there any age limit for ACCA?

Is there any age limit for ACCA? There is no age limit to start ACCA qualification. The fact about 21 years of age was not about limitation but it was a relaxation offered to students under Mature Student Entry Route (MSER) by ACCA body.

Can I self study ACCA?

YES! It is very possible to study ACCA by yourself. All you need to do is to purchase a BPP/Kaplan Study Text and Revision Kit. ACCA have provided numerous resources for your exam preparations, most of which can be easily found on their official website.

Can you do ACCA without a degree?

If you ‘re wondering whether you can become a chartered accountant without a degree, you can apply for the ACCA qualification with a combination of GCSEs and A-levels. However, by already holding a degree or Masters in any subject, this may make you exempt from some of the exams.

How difficult is ACCA?

The ACCA is as difficult as you make it. The ACCA course material isn’t easy, sure. It’s professional accounting – it’s not meant to be easy. But it isn’t incredibly difficult. Like any professional qualification, the ACCA is a big time commitment, especially if you’re working.

How many exams are there in ACCA?

The ACCA syllabus consists of 13 exams divided into 3 levels: Applied Knowledge – 3 exams. Applied Skills – 6 exams.

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What happens if you don’t pay your ACCA annual subscription?

And if you forget to pay, you may be removed from the register of students and have to pay a re-registration fee, as well as any outstanding fees, to enable you to continue with your studies. Remember, you have to pay this whether or not you’re planning to take exams that year.

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