FAQ: How To Make Perfume In Nigeria?

How do I start my own perfume in Nigeria?

Capital Needed To Start Perfume Production in Nigeria For a relatively small scale perfume production enterprise, all you need is just a minimum of N50,000 as your start -up capital. On the other side, a commercial perfume – making business would require at least N3,500,000 as the start -up capital.

What are the ingredients for making perfume?


  • Vodka (the higher percentage alcohol the better) or Everclear if you can get it.
  • Essential oils*, fragrance oils**, infused oils, even flavour*** extracts ( make sure it’s pure) such as vanilla extract.
  • distilled or spring water.
  • glycerine (this can be found in pharmacies)

How do you make easy perfume?

1. DIY Perfume Recipe Using Essential Oils

  1. 2 tablespoons carrier oil (grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond or anything of your preference)
  2. 6 tablespoons of vodka (100 proof vodka)
  3. 2.5 tablespoons bottled water.
  4. 30 drops of essential oil (9 for your top notes, 15 for your middle notes, and 6 for your base notes)
  5. A small funnel.
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How can I make oil perfume at home in Nigeria?

If you want to make the oil perfume, the essential oils have to be 10%, and a dry one can be prepared from beeswax in the proportion of 50/50. Pour the perfume into a sterile glass bottle. Remember that alcohol perfumes after mixing should infuse for at least three weeks in a dark dry place.

How do I make my own perfume brand?

What Does It Mean To Create Your Own Perfume Line?

  1. Start With a Plan And Fragrance Brief.
  2. Research Clientele And Target Consumer Base.
  3. Identify Your Message And Establish Your Target Demographic.
  4. Consider Advertising Factors.
  5. Understanding And Harnessing The Power Of The Internet.

How do I find my signature scent?

Giving yourself time to really understand if you are going to enjoy the fragrance is the key to finding your signature scent. “Allow yourself time to really experience the whole fragrance, from the top notes that you immediately smell, right through to the deeper, longer lasting base notes.

What ingredient makes perfume last longer?

1. Use Glycerine And Water In Your Recipe – This is why these ingredients are included here, while alcohol is our main carrier since it allows the oils to mix appropriately, the glycerine and water will add staying power to your perfume as it evaporates much less quickly.

How much does it cost to make your own perfume?

The average cost to start your own perfume line will range from $10,000 to $25,000 to have it done professionally. The price includes fragrance creation, filling, assembly, boxing and designing for your perfume brand.

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How do you make homemade fruit perfume?

In a small bottle, combine 2 drops sweet orange essential oil, 3 drops mandarin essential oil, 3 drops neroli essential oil and 2 drops cedarwood atlas essential oil. After all the essential oils are combined, swirl the mixture around in the bottle to mix them up.

How do you make your own fragrance spray?


  1. Mix the alcohol and the essential oil slowly.
  2. In a separate container mix glycerin and water.
  3. Combine the two mixes.
  4. Let the fragrance rest for two weeks in a fresh, dark place. Shake it every day.
  5. Your fragrance is ready to use!

How can I make perfume at home?


  1. Measure out 23.5ml of perfumers’ alcohol into your measuring beaker.
  2. Select which essential oils you would like to use.
  3. Decide the number of drops of each essential oil (35 in total).
  4. Place the drops of essential oil into your beaker.
  5. Stir the solution and pour into your perfume bottle.

What happens if you mix perfumes?

If you combine different notes from different fragrances, it may lead to headache. So, layer two or more favourite perfumes to form one. 3. You can be creative while mixing your perfumes, but the best way is to stay in the same family such as woody, floral, fresh and citrus as they can gel well with each other.

How do you mix perfume notes?

How To Blend Drop-by-Drop

  1. Take your base note and put one drop in a bottle.
  2. Add a drop of middle note and swirl it around gently.
  3. Add one drop of a top note.
  4. Then go back and add a drop or two of each of your oils, according to what you feel your blend needs.
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Can you mix perfume with lotion?

✨#9: Use an unscented lotion before applying perfume ✨ Massage a bit of unscented lotion on your skin before you spritz on your perfume. Like I said, oilier skin retains fragrance longer, so using an oil-based moisturizer first will help lock in the scent.

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