FAQ: How To Make Body Cream In Nigeria?

How do you make organic body cream in Nigeria?

Ingredients Needed In Making Organic Lightening Cream

  1. Half a cup of plain yoghurt, curd can also be used in this case.
  2. 1 teaspoon of organic honey.
  3. 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.
  4. 4 sweet almonds or 6 grams of almond flour.
  5. A pinch of turmeric powder.

How do you make homemade body cream?


  1. ½ cup almond oil (or jojoba oil, or any other liquid oil)
  2. ¼ cup coconut oil.
  3. ¼ cup beeswax.
  4. 1 tsp vitamin E oil (optional)
  5. 2 TBSP shea butter (or cocoa butter, optional)
  6. essential oils (optional)
  7. vanilla extract (optional)

How can I make my body glowing cream?


  1. Heat the shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter over low heat until melted.
  2. Remove from heat.
  3. Melt wax and butter together then add oil.
  4. Stir well then allow to cool and add essential oils before the mixture sets.
  5. Pour into a container before cool and allow it to set.

What ingredients whiten skin?

Top 10 Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients

  • Kojic Acid. Usually made as a by-product of malted rice – that’s used to make sake/rice wine, Kojic acid is an all-natural lightening and brightening skincare active.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Alpha-arbutin.
  • Niacinamide.
  • Glutathione.
  • Azelaic acid.
  • Glycolic acid.
  • Linoleic acid.
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Which cream is best for fair skin in Nigeria?

Here are 7 great body creams and lotions recommended for fair skin use in Nigeria:

  1. Oriflame® Essentials Fairness Body Lotion.
  2. Fair & White® Gold 2 Maxi Tone Body Lotion.
  3. Jergens® Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Lotion.
  4. Aveeno® Positively Radiant Body Lotion.
  5. Neutrogena® Body Lotion Light Sesame Formula.

Can I add milk to my body cream?

Combine butter and milk products together to make a moisturizing cream for the body. The most moisturizing and emollient-rich butters come from nuts, such as shea and cocoa butter. When choosing a milk product to use, choose liquid or powdered milk. You do not have to use milk from cows, sheep or goats.

What ingredient makes lotion creamy?

For the creamy homemade lotion, whisk together equal parts of coconut butter and shea butter, and then add enough jojoba oil until it is the right consistency. I add a drop or two of lavender oil and peppermint oil. It absorbs quickly, and the fragrance is lovely.

How do you make fruit body cream?

DIY Fruit Body Lotion

  1. ½ cup of mango butter.
  2. ¼ cup of coconut oil.
  3. 1 tsp papaya seed oil.
  4. 1 tsp pomegranate seed oil.
  5. 1 tsp passion fruit seed oil.
  6. 10 drops sweet orange essential oil.
  7. 5 drops ylang ylang essential oil.
  8. Storage jar.

How can I make glowing cream at home?

7. Beeswax homemade moisturiser

  1. About ¼ cup beeswax.
  2. ¼ cup coconut oil.
  3. ½ cup almond/olive oil.
  4. 1 tsp vitamin E oil.
  5. 2 tbsp shea butter.
  6. A few drops of Vanilla essential oil.

How do you make hand cream?

How to make your homemade moisturising hand cream

  1. ¼ cup of shea butter.
  2. 1/8 cup of sweet almond oil or coconut oil RBD or extra virgin.
  3. 1 tablespoon of beeswax.
  4. 10-15 drops of essential oils (you can have two of your favourites)
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Which body lotion is best for glowing skin?

11 Best Body Lotions For Glowing Skin In India

  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion.
  2. BOROPLUS Doodh Kesar Body Lotion.
  3. Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Even Tone Lotion.
  4. Dove Glowing Ritual Body Lotion.
  5. VLCC De-Tan + WhiteGlo Moisturising Body Lotion.

How can we make melanin glow?

8 Ways To Make Your Melanin Skin Look Radiant AF

  1. 1) Apply sunscreen everyday.
  2. 2) Use the right products for your skin type.
  3. 3) Exfoliate, baby girl.
  4. 4) Remember your neck.
  5. 5) Purify your water.
  6. 6) Watch what you eat.
  7. 7) Supplement your skincare.
  8. 8) Make sure you cleanse properly.

What can I mix with shea butter to lighten my skin?

We present a few selected homemade recipes to use Shea Butter for skin lightening. Mix half a cup of shea butter and half a cup of cocoa butter with 10 drops of Almond oil. Use this balsam on a daily basis to balance your skin tone and revitalize skin cells.

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