FAQ: How To Get Birth Certificate In Nigeria?

How much does birth certificate cost in Nigeria?

A front desk official said N4,000 is required for a birth certificate to be issued to anyone under 17 years. For applicants above 18 years, he said the fee is N10,000 accompanied with a copy of a declaration of age certificate and passport photographs.

Where can I do my birth certificate in Nigeria?

They have at the Local Government Headquarters, NPC registration post at hospitals, health centers and other NPC registration centers. A birth certificate is very important especially for official purposes and for a lot of applications in Nigeria.

How do I replace my birth certificate in Nigeria?

Nigeria Birth Certificate ( Replacement )

  1. Download the form here.
  2. Complete all section of the form as accurately as possible; Note: A scanned copy of your international PASSPORT or other ID is also required.
  3. Click Apply Now to proceed with the application. Select a Service.
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Does Nigeria issue birth certificates?

A report on the Nigerian birth certificate by the Danish National ID Centre (Nationalt ID-center, NIDC) [2] cites information provided by Nigerian authorities to the NIDC in a meeting in Abuja in December 2018 as indicating that Nigeria issues two types of birth registration documents: a certificate of birth is issued

How do you declare age in Nigeria?

To apply for Age Declaration in person, the applicant should visit the office of the High Court of Justice in Nigeria. Visit the High Court and obtain an Application form for Age Declaration from the relevant department. Make sure that you have all the documents listed in the “Required documents” section of this page.

Is age declaration the same as birth certificate?

The obvious difference between the two is that birth certificate is issued to infants on child birth, while the age declaration is for someone who probably does not have a birth certificate issued at birth or for person whose birth certificate is misplaced.

Where can I get birth certificate in Lagos?

The birth certificate is issued out in many places aside from the NPC office, they include: hospitals, local government headquarters and the branch offices of the National Population Commission.

What are the requirements for NSO birth certificate?

PSA Birth Certificate Requirements

  • Completed application form: For online applications, go to this link.
  • Document owner’s valid ID.
  • Requester’s valid ID.
  • Signed authorization letter if the requester is not the owner or the owner’s parent, spouse, direct descendant, or a minor’s legal guardian/institution-in-charge.
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What is the real purpose of a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is required for Social Security, Medicaid, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more. In addition, it serves as proof of relationship to parents, which is required for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits.

How do I get an NPC birth certificate?

PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING ATTESTATION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM NPC: The first step is to visit the NPC office and request for the data form for either attestation of the certificate of birth or birth certificate for those born from 1992.

Where can I get a death certificate in Lagos Nigeria?

Procedure for Obtaining Death Certificate in Nigeria

  • A death certificate obtained from the health institution where the death occurred is gotten.
  • The certificate obtained above is then taken by the relatively authorized person to the registrar of birth and death in any designated registration centre.

How do I get my National Population birth certificate?

How to get birth certificate from NPC if you are older than 18?

  1. Go to the local secretariat of the government and find out whether the National Population Commission has an operating affiliate there.
  2. When you fill the out and submit it, you will be sent to a court to receive the Age Declaration Affidavit.

How can I get attested birth?

The attestation of a birth certificate has the same legal effect as the birth certificate. The first step is to visit the NPC office and request for the data form for either attestation of the certificate of birth or birth certificate for those born from 1992.

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Where can I do my State of origin certificate in Lagos?

Go to your local government area council with 2 recent passport photograph and indicate your interest. Fill the local government state of origin certificate form. Pay the certificate charges to the local government account which will be provided to you by your local government council. Photocopy your payment teller.

What is the birth to death rate in Nigeria 2020?

Death rate of Nigeria fell gradually from 22.5 per 1,000 people in 1971 to 11.4 per 1,000 people in 2020.

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