FAQ: How To Deposit Money In Olymp Trade In Nigeria?

Can I fund my Olymp trade account with Nigerian naira?

The good thing about Olymp Trade is that there are many modes of deposits in the countries where you can access its service. If you’re from Nigeria, you can just go to the Olymp Trade website or the Olymp Trade App, then choose the deposit option.

Can I do Olymp trade in Nigeria?

The broker accepts traders from Nigeria. Though not regulated by Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it is regulated by the International Financial Commission and you can rest assured that your funds are secure with them. Trade Now!

How do I deposit cash into Olymp trade?

To deposit into your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Log in.
  2. Step 2: Deposit into your Skrill wallet. At the same time, you can use bank cards, cryptocurrency, any other electronic system (for example, Neteller), or transfer funds from your bank account.
  3. Step 3: Complete the depositing process via Skrill.
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How does Olymp trade work in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade is an online investment platform where you can invest a minimum of $1 in an FTT trade & earn up to 92% profits in one minute. When you open an Olymp Trade account you get $10,000 free demo credits which you should use for training, to figure out the platform, and to understand how easy it is to earn online.

Which is the best trading app in Nigeria?

The Best Trading Platforms, Brokers & Apps in Nigeria:

  • Best Trading App: AvaTrade.
  • Best Stock Broker: ARM Securities.
  • Best Forex Broker: AvaTrade.

What is the best time to trade forex in Nigeria?

What is the best Time to Trade Forex in Nigeria. Nigerian traders should trade during the opening hours of the London session – 8:00 AM to early New York session hours till 5:00 PM Nigerian time. This is the time when the liquidity is highest for major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD etc.

Is Olymp trade legal?

According to various sources, Olymp Trade is not technically illegal in India but it is in no way monitored or controlled by SEBI or RBI. This means if a trader faces any issues with regards to the app’s transactions or collections then Indian authorities will not be able to help.

How much can I use to start Olymp trade?

In order to start trading on the Olymp Trade platform and make money from your currency forecasts, you must register an account. The $10,000 demo can be used for training purposes only and does not generate income. Trade on a live account to earn more on correct predictions. The minimum deal is $1.

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Is Olymp trade good?

Although this platform is designed as a moderate to low-risk investing platform, Olymp Trade offers investors with low rate of loss or profit which should be helpful when exploring the business for the first time. Also, it should be kept in mind that this is not the platform to use when one wants to be rich, fast.

How long does it take for money to deposit in Olymp trade?

This Olymp Trade deposit method is the slowest among all the Olymp Trade deposit methods and takes up to 5-10 working days to reflect money in your Olymp Trade account.

What is the minimum deposit on Olymp trade?

Olymp Trade is one of the few brokers that offer a minimum deposit of $10. Minimum trades of $1 are accepted making this broker stand out.

Does Olymp trade accept MasterCard?

Payment method You can simply use your debit or credit card, then you can pay with an e-wallet or via internet banking. The easiest way to deposit to Olymp Trade account is by paying with Visa or MasterCard. Make sure the card is valid and registered in your name.

Can Olymp trade make you rich?

The Olymp Trade system allows you to earn up to 90 percent profit with minimum investment. The minimum trade requirement is $1, which could help you earn up to 80 percent profit from your investment on a regular account, and up to 90 percent on a VIP account.

Is Olymp trade paying?

There are no commissions to open an account and more importantly, Olymp Trade doesn’t charge a fee for deposits and withdrawals. However, after 180 days of inactivity, your account will be charged $10 monthly. The advertised returns are very high, going up to 92%.

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How safe is Olymp trade?

Beware Olymp Trade is a Non-Regulated broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

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