FAQ: How Much Is Gotv In Nigeria?

What is the price of GOtv in Nigeria?

The new price of a GOtv decoder in Nigeria is NGN 9,100. When you buy a GOtv decoder for NGN 9,100, you enjoy a 1-month free GOtv Max Subscription Plan. That is, you get a free GOtv Decoder + GOtenna + One Month’s GOtv Max Subscription for Just NGN 9,100 in Nigeria.

How much is the GOtv decoder?

The price of gotv decoder is 6,900 Naira and it comes with a remote control, a GOtenna ( GoTv antenna), and you will also enjoy Free 1 Month Jolli Subscription.

How much is GOtv 2021?

You have 4 gotv packages to choose from in 2021 with prices ranging from 800 Naira for smallie plan to 3,600 Naira for Max plan.

How much is GOtv Max in Nigeria?

GoTv Max Price in Nigeria Max Subscription cost 3,600 Naira and you will be able to view 76 stations out of which 2 of them are audio.

What is the cheapest GOtv subscription?

GoTV Packages And Prices.

  • GoTV Smallie Channels (Monthly: N800). The GoTV Smallie is the cheapest GoTV packages especially when you are on a budget but need access to Cable TV.
  • GoTV Max (Monthly: N3,600). The GoTV Max is the biggest subscription plan available to you on the GoTV cable network.
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What is the highest GOtv subscription?

The most sophisticated on the list is the now GOtv max. It cost N3600 per month. Other GOtv subscriptions include GOtv Jolli, GOtv Jinja, and GOtv Smallie. The GOtv jolli subscription cost N2460 per month.

Which is better GOtv or DStv?

Well, the difference between DSTV and GOTv is the technology used in transmitting their TV signals. DSTV deploys a satellite based technology while GoTV uses the DVB-T2 technology, a novel digital terrestrial broadcast technology. Unlike DSTV, GoTv offers many exciting local and international channels for less.

Is GOtv better than DSTV?

DStv vs GOtv: Price Comparatively speaking, DStv costs much more than GOtv. The satellite dish costs much more than GOtv’s UHF antenna, not forgetting installation charges. On that point, DStv bouquets will cost you a pretty penny, far more than GOtv would.

How much is GOtv jolli package?

The GoTV Jolli subscription costs 2,460 Naira per month and 29,520 per year.

How many stations are in GOtv jolli?

With GOtv Jolli Package, You can get over 82+ TV and 2 Audio channels of the best in local TV on GOtv Jolli Package,. Other GOtv Packages are GOtv Smallie Package, GOtv Jinja Package, GOtv Max Package.

Does GOtv jolli show ultimate love?

The ultimate Love show is Live on DSTV channel 198 and GOTV channel 29.

Can I subscribe GOtv with airtime?

If you have a WAP-supported device (such as BlackBerry) you can use airtime (mobile money) to pay for GOtv subscription online. Choose the option called ‘Mobile Money. ‘ You should enter your number and press on ‘Register’ to fill out all the information.

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How much is startime in Nigeria?

Startimes Packages: Price and Channels 2021 Basic: 1700 Naira. Nova: 900 Naira. Chinese: 6600 Naira. Super: 4200 Naira.

What is GoTv smallie yearly?

GOtv Smallie -Annual is a one stop digital TV solution for which you pay an annual admin fee.

How much is GoTv Jinja in Nigeria?

GoTv Jinja Price in Nigeria Jinja subscription cost 1,640 Naira per month and it gives you access to 49 channels which include 2 audio stations.

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