The return of Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

The return of Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

Though business activities (especially trading at the yet-to-commence Free Trade Zone) at the sprawling complex of the Tinapa Business Resort at Adiabo, Calabar may not be at its best, yet there are still reasons to visit the business resort.

While the water park thrills fun-seekers, the rebranded Tinapa Lakeside Hotel (formerly Amber Tinapa) offers an escape of some sort to those who appreciate communion with nature.

The hotel is now under a new management and team of hospitality specialists that recreate the offerings within and outside the hotel to the maximum benefit of the guests.

With the serenity of the sprawling complex, fresh air from the lush natural vegetation behind, the lake and the smooth flowing Calabar River next door, the hotel has an environment that is in itself a prescription for guests that have had enough dosage of metropolitan madness and pollution.

It truly beckons on visitors to Calabar to peep in to see the difference from whatever they used know about the hotel. Besides the beautiful opportunity to commune with nature, the improved services, infrastructure, products on offer and personnel are reasons the hotel beckons on you for a visit. Tinapa Lakeside Hotel is probably the only hospitality outfit in Nigeria where rates and electricity supply are stable; the 243-room hotel now records sustained occupancy as it makes efforts at giving the three-star hotel a facelift.

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