Calabar Night Experience

Calabar Night Experience

Cross River State is known for a world class hospitality, especially with the local cuisine. Based on popular demand on matchless traditional and local food, we invite you to experience Calabar Night. It encapsulates a tantalizing and culinary experience and your taste bud can never be more anticipating. This is a Friday Night event, with over 25 different local delicacies crowned with our local traditional dancers to spice you up. The Calabar Night Experience will in fact leave you with a unique and an unforgettable personal experience with our mouth-watering traditional and local cuisine. At the entrance, you will be welcomed with a very rear brand of chilled Calabar Palm wine by a beautiful hostess. After which you will be shown our array of “Calabar Night” delicacies to knock yourself out. Our delicacies ranges from highly rated and nutritious traditional meals and include the following array : Banga soup, Edikang Ikong soup, Afis Afere, Afang, Otong, Ayan Ekpang, Afere Atidod, Moi-Moi, Coconut rice, Jollof rice, Roasted fish, Ishie Ewu, Pepper snail, Cowtail, Spicy goat meat, Native fried chicken and palm wine.

For the Palm Wine, we remain the only hotel in Nigeria to serve palm wine to our guest. You simply cannot beat the experience. Every step of Calabar Night is quite a unique experience and defines the true difference you desire.


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  1. Prince Henshaw

    Calabar night is wonderful and I don’t miss it. Don’t too

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